Taking Care of Business

I realized something, the other day I completely forgot to update about my new goals for myself after mentioning my last goals a couple weeks ago. So my new goal is to reach 120 lbs by New Years. That gives me 5 weeks, though technically I started this goal right after my last one ended on Halloween, which gave me over 8 weeks.  Any progress? Not really. Here’s what has been happening:

I went running for 2 miles on Friday, 3 miles on Saturday, and last night I did 1.5 hours of yoga with the P90X video. Before doing all this a couple weeks ago I was down to 123.5 lbs, but this morning I’m now 126 lbs. Perhaps I’ve been eating more which is causing the weight increase (definitely possible). Or maybe it’s the muscles I’m building? Either way, I think I’m going to revert back to keeping track of my calories just so I can better assess what’s happening and stay on track more. After all, the holidays are coming! Eeek! I will be trying my hardest to follow my tips on how to indulge wisely on Thanksgiving.  I might do a side-by-side comparison of the calories I eat using the tips compared to what they would be if I don’t follow the tips. Should be interesting to see how many calories you can save!

So here’s Sunday’s meals:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Eggs, bacon, ham, and peppers 200
Snack Guac and Beer Dip samples at Hyvee 150
Lunch Turkey Dog with bun and ketchup 200
Sun chips (a lot) 400
Dinner Chipotle Vegetarian burrito bowl (half) 350
Drinks Beer 400
Total   1700

Looks like overeating could be the culprit of my increased weight lately. On Sunday Daniel and I went with some friends to the Chief’s game in Kansas City. We had to tailgate of course which is where all that chip consumption happened. Plus the beer. It was so much fun though!

Arrowhead Stadium

It was a little chilly but I had four layers on! Do we look cold? Haha don’t mind Daniel not looking at the camera!

Daniel and I at Arrowhead

I look like a hunchback with all of my layers. But the only things cold were my toes!

Daniel and I at arrowhead

Sadly, the Chiefs lost to the Chargers 38-41. Definitely a good game though!

And here’s Monday’s meals:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast 3 eggs, southwest style with peppers 290
2 pieces of bacon 80
1 slice of french toast 160
1 pancake 70
syrup 50
Strawberries, cantalope, honeydew melon, pineapple 50
Half a biscuit with gravy 65
Lunch Left over tempura vegetables and rice 270
Dinner Chobani Greek Yogurt Key Lime Crumble 180
Chocolate Shakeology shake with banana and almond milk 280
Total   1495

After the game we went to the Prairie Band Casino north of Topeka for the night to warm up in their awesome outdoor jacuzzi. No gambling this time, just relaxing. Then we took advantage of their breakfast buffet in the morning, hence my long list of breakfast items. It was delicious!  Surprisingly I took no food photos but you probably don’t want to see a plate full of pancake, french toast and bacon anyway, right?

Now it’s time to get organize over this fall break. I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday! Daniel and I plan to clean the apartment and maybe get some homework done so we can enjoy the rest of the break without worrying about it. Oh, and I plan to decorate for the holidays! I’m going to set up a small tree and hang some lights but I’m not sure what else to do. Any suggestions?

Have a great Tuesday!

How to Indulge Wisely on Thanksgiving

With only a few days before Thanksgiving, I thought it was time I figured out my “game plan” for the day. The day of over indulging. I want to share with you a few of my tips and tricks on how to enjoy all of the delicious food without feeling like you just gained 10 pounds in one sitting.

How to Indulge Wisely on Thanksgiving

As with any meal, the key is portion control when it comes to the Thanksgiving meal.  It allows you to sample everything and still feel satisfied.  Instead of taking a large spoonful of everything on the table, try putting half of that on your plate. Your plate may not look as full as usual, but you’ll thank yourself later. Plus, if you’re still hungry after the first plate you can always grab seconds, just allow time for your first plate to settle.

Here’s an example plate from years past. You can see I didn’t have too much of one thing on there, though I still think I should have done smaller servings. I’m sure I overate this year.

thanksgiving meal

Going a little out of order, but I also make sure to eat as much of the healthy stuff first, like salad, before I dig in on the rest. That way I at least get in some nutrients for the day. And it fills me up more so I have less room for the mashed potatoes and casseroles.

thanksgiving salad Another tradition I like to do is hold off on the dessert. WHAT?! I know, it’s crazy. But I’m usually so full afterwards that I can’t possibly fit in anymore. What my family likes to do instead is go on a walk! It became a tradition with my sister, cousin Megan, and I. We’d walk to the closest trail and enjoy the outdoors. We’d also take lots of photos (with some silly poses):

Being Charlie’s Angels… (warning these are a little outdated from my high school years, oddly couldn’t find any of the most recent)
thanksgiving 06 2
Throwing me off of the hill…
thanksgiving 06
Behaving for once…
Thanksgiving 08

I wish I could find some photos from the first Thanksgiving we started the tradition on–they were pretty hilarious. These walks have always been my favorite part of the holiday. Making memories!

Our walks were for at least an hour. After that we were typically ready to go home and warm up– warm up to some pie that is! Now that our stomachs had processed some of the food, it was time for dessert! With dessert, there are really no rules. It is a holiday after all! But I do try to limit myself to only a couple slices of pie. I need pecan and pumpkin pie and then I’m satisfied. If you want to try all the desserts available that day, I would take the same approach as with the main meal– tiny portions to sample everything.

thanksgiving dessert

Don’t go in over thinking it though. That will make it harder on you to resist overeating. Just enjoy the day with your friends and family and know what you’re thankful for. There’s always tomorrow to get back in the game. I’m sure you’ll be burning some calories during the Black Friday shopping, right? 😉

So basically have a salad first, less is more when filling up your plate, and walk it off afterwards. Then, enjoy your dessert!

My Pet Peeve: Gluten Hype

What’s your biggest pet peeve?  Lately, with all the hype about gluten and it’s presumably terrible implications, I decided it was high time to set the record straight.  It really irks me when I hear about people avoiding gluten because it’s a diet fad and they think it’s healthy for them to avoid it. Please educate yourself. With a Bachelors in Bakery Science (yes, it’s a legitimate degree), I’d like to think I know a thing or two about gluten, and it is good for you! There are numerous benefits of eating wheat a other gluten containing grains. Whole grains have a variety of nutrients including fiber, protein, iron, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc. Check out what all these things do for your body at the Whole Grains Council website.

If you really want exposure to even more nutrients, a healthy combination of whole and processed (white) grains is the way to go. Why? Because, as white bread is processed, the bran is removed which contains most of the fiber and nutrients so you’re left with the starchy endosperm. However, they add back nutrients that are different than what would naturally be there into the flour, like folic acid. So by consuming both white and whole wheat, you can obtain a broader range of nutrients for a well rounded diet. In short: eat your grains peeps!

This post originated from reading a recent article on Today.com. It addresses the myth of the “gluten allergy.” There really is no such thing as a gluten allergy. You can have a wheat allergy, but that is unrelated to the gluten in wheat. Gluten is one of the proteins in wheat. Celiac Disease and gluten-intolerance are another thing. Only approximately 1-2% of the population is affected by Celiac Disease and it can take years to diagnose. Only those actually diagnosed with Celiac or a gluten-intolerance need to avoid gluten. Those who avoid gluten because they think it’s healthy and a way to lose weight: you have been fooled by the media! In fact, most gluten-free breads, crackers, baked-goods, etc.  actually can cause weight gain because of the added sugar and calories to make it taste and look closer to the real thing. Plus, they’re more expensive.

Buzz words. Don’t be fooled by the buzz words either. Tortilla chips with “gluten free” on bag drive me crazy! Of course those chips are gluten free, they’re made out of corn! Same for potato chips. I love how they play on society’s ignorance. Of course, if that’s your favorite brand and they just happened to change the advertising on the bag to say “gluten free” then by all means, buy it. But don’t pay extra for it!

Ok, rant officially over. Thanks for listening!

It’s Netflix’s Fault

I’m a liar! I said I’d be back at it, and I’m completely dropping the ball. Part of me was using the excuse that I didn’t want to post until I had all of my followers moved to the new site (btw if you’re an email follower and you get duplicate emails, I’m sorry! I’m trying out a new carrier so feel free to remove yourself from one of the deliveries), but I was also busy and lazy. If you haven’t seen the show Dexter, you should! It’s crazy good and exciting and has been consuming my evenings when I’m not studying.  Which is probably why I haven’t been working out like I should. Let that be a lesson to you, tv show addictions and work out plans don’t mix! Especially when the episodes available on Netflix. Thanks a lot Netflix!

But I really did have a crazy week. Ok, not that crazy, but very busy! I ended up going running only once (I fail). But I’ve made progress in other aspects of my life. Like prepping for my future career! I was in Dallas yesterday having an interview for a business analysis internship. It’s with a financial holding company. And it looks like that’s where my home will be this summer! They called me this morning to offer the position. I’m so excited to actually see how what I’m learning in grad school can be applied in the corporate world. I’m a big kid now =)

I flew down there for the interview and on both flights I had great conversations! First was with a lady going to Alabama to visit family.  She was so sweet and inspiring and told me how she firmly believes everything happens for a reason and if I get this internship then it’s meant to be. How sweet!

The second was a lady coming back from visiting her mother who is 104! Can you believe it? I told her that was amazing and that her mother is an inspiration! She told me her mom eats mainly fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and lots of salmon (she’s from San Diego so she can get it fresh). Her mother also lives in her own home and walks lot and keeps her mind active. I am seriously in awe. I would love to be that healthy and active when (or if) I’m that age. To be honest, this conversation was probably the highlight of my trip. She was a pleasure to talk with!

I love meeting new people on my plane flights. I’m always a little hesitant to start the conversation but once I get comfortable it’s so fascinating to learn about others’ lives in that brief moment that ours cross paths on a plane. Sorry I’m getting all philosophical on you guys, but it’s really amazing to learn about a random stranger’s life. Right? Ok, it could just be me. But you’ll never know what kind of wisdom they possess if you don’t talk to them!

Alright, back to the regular programming: What have I been eating lately? Surprisingly fairly healthy despite having pizza on Saturday.

My go-to has been veggies wrap such as this. A little hummus spread on a tortilla with cucumber and red pepper.

veggie wrap

I’ve also been enjoying the occasional veggie burger. I topped it with spinach, a little cream cheese, mustard and ketchup. I love the chunks of veggies in the burger! Yum!

veggie burger

I’m currently obsessed with these:

Snack time!

The coconut one is really good too! Don’t bother with the strawberry though. It’s just strawberry yogurt with granola. Buying granola and strawberry yogurt separate would probably be cheaper. But seriously, this one really does taste like key lime pie!

Then we attempted to make our own version of the “crazy noodles” we had at the International Food Festival last week. Here’s better look at it from Daniel’s plate that night. They’re the noodles in the top right corner.

crazy noodles

Sorry I don’t have the website where we found a recipe, but we didn’t really follow it that much so it’s kind of our own creation. In it was chicken, tofu, bean sprouts, bell peppers, cabbage, fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, red curry paste, and peanuts! They’re also known as drunken noodles so you can look that up too if you’re interested in a recipe. It turned out delicious! We’ll definitely be making this again.

Thai Crazy Noodles


So I’ve been eating pretty good as you can see! Oh wait, I almost forgot about the pizza. Saturday night Daniel and I were lazy so we hit up AJ’s Pizzeria. We went with the Manhattan Magherita:

Manhattan Margherita Pizza


It’s topped with tomato, basil, mozzarella, and maybe onion or garlic? I can’t remember the last ingredient, but it was so tasty. We ate that entire pizza. Well, I did take my last slice home, but I finished it off later during Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (still educating him on HP).

Alright, now time for Dexter! 😀

Question: Met anybody interesting on a plane flight lately?

It’s a New Blog!

Ok, it’s not a new blog. But it is a new location. As in, I’ve switched over to the self-hosted world! So, hopefully I don’t lose all of my wonderful followers. WordPress is very vague on how my followers from wordpress.com can view my new wordpress.org site. But, if you’re reading this and want to continue to follow me, just to be safe, click my new follow button on the right side of the screen under the search bar. You can follow in your favorite reader or by email! Fresh new posts delivered to your inbox. What’s not to love?

Alrighty, now for the fun stuff. I owe you all an update because it has passed my deadline of my last goal by 11 days! Whoops! So, back in August I made a new goal to lose 10 more pounds by Halloween in about 10 weeks to get me down to 120 lbs. Well ladies and gents, I’m only at 124.6 lbs. However, I’ve at least finally reached my original goal I made: to lose 10 lbs from 135 to 125. It has been a slower process than I was expecting, but my weight hasn’t been jumping around so I’d say that it’s a solid steady weight loss. That’s a little over 0.5lb/week weight loss. I was initially wanting 1.5lb/week, but I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve never been one to really limit myself to indulgences, which I think partly contributes to my slow weight loss. I have been reducing the amount of sweets I eat but I still allow a piece or two of dark chocolate Toblerone when I’m craving it. It keeps my bigger cravings in check. I also have been slacking when it comes to working out, especially this past month. The good news is: I finally went running! Daniel and I ran two miles around the park. It wasn’t too bad, probably could have gone a third mile, but we decided to take it easy. My legs were surprisingly sore the next day! They haven’t been worked in a while, poor things. I’m hoping to get back into a regular workout routine. Ok “back into” may be stretching it, I’ve never had a regular workout routine! HA! But I’m hoping to start one!

P90x will happen I hope. We just need to return our pull up bar for something that works in our apartment (our doors are too wide!). But for now, running is definitely something I want to start doing again. I want to build back up that endurance!

Update on the new shoes: they are great! Very comfortable, but I’ve decided I do need my inserts. I could tell my feet were rolling in some. But man, I was lookin’ fly! Check out my annoyingly matchy running outfit:

running gear1

As I mentioned the other day, I bought a tank top with my shoes because they matched and new workout gear always gets me motivated. Well, while my best friend, Charissa, was in town, she decided to give me an early Christmas present: matching shorts (thanks girl!!). They actually match almost perfectly to my new shoes that I’d swear Brooks made them! But it’s actually the brand MPG. They are SO comfortable! Also, note that the head band matches my ensemble as well. No shame.

After running on Saturday, Daniel and I had tickets to the International Food Festival put on by the International Coordinating Council at K-State. The food is always AMAZING and this year did not disappoint.

international food 1

I wish I could tell you what all of this is but I was too excited to eat it to thoroughly read what and where it came from. From what I can remember there was food from Thailand, China, Spain, Nepal, and Mexico. I wish I could remember the rest but I can attest that everything was delicious! The left cup is full of soup from Mexico with beef and beans, and the right cup has Thai iced tea. It’s black tea and spices with milk–one of my fave teas! It’s up there with Chai. Chai and Thai for the win!

After dinner I spent one last time with Charissa in Aggieville (the bar district). Here’s a photo from the photographer who documents the happenings in the Ville. Left to right: Me, Charissa, Charissa’s hubby Jake!

party in the ville

It was a fun night but unfortunately they couldn’t stay out too late because they had a 12 hour drive back to NM the next day. But Charissa and I also went out on Friday night so that made up for it. We attempted to get several photos with both Jake AND Daniel operating the camera, and only one turned out good! Haha.


At least we have the memories! Definitely glad I got to spend a week with her! We may or may not have eaten shamelessly at our favorite restaurants while she was here. Some meals included veggies, so I’d say that’s a win.

I really need to be on here more often. I’ve noticed that without blogging everyday, I feel less accountable and more inclined to eat what I want and not workout. I need you back in my life, blogosphere! So you’ll be seeing me around a lot more again =) I know, I’m excited too! Goodnight!

Every song’s like new shoes, salads, cookin’ in the kitchen, running, exercise, this is healthy living..

We don’t care, we’re making pasta in our dreams! Oh, that’s not the lyrics to the Lorde song? My bad.

So where has the time gone?! I think about you all every day! And my laziness. And the fact that I should blog more. And workout more. And that I’m a failure. Ok, I’m being a little melodramatic. But I seriously need to step up my game. Can anybody lend me their time management skills? Mine are pretty much non-existent. Thanks!

I really have no excuse for not working out or blogging. In the evenings after I’ve finished my homework/studying… I just… I don’t even know! Time disappears. I end up watching Dexter or something with Daniel and before I know it, it’s bed time. I’m an old woman now so bed time comes early between 10 and 11 pm. In my undergrad days, it was never before midnight! My how times change.

Ok, so what have you been up to? Well I’ve been up to eating healthy! Just kidding. I’ve been attempting to eat more salads. Check out these tasties:

greek salad

Spinach salad with a greek spin. No olives but I added cucumber, tomatoes, feta, and some balsamic vinaigrette. So good!

fresh spinach salad with strawberries

This one was pretty much like the one above except with strawberries and raspberry vinaigrette. Sweet!

I’ve also been getting my fish on as well. Daniel has cooked us some tasty tilapia.

chipotle raspberry tilapia

We opted to make something easy by baking it with the Chipotle Raspberry Sauce like we did with the salmon here, but in foil in the oven at 400 degrees F. I think it was in there for 15-ish minutes. It was good but I think the sauce is even better with the salmon.

breaded tilapia

Daniel also wanted some breaded tilapia one night which I am all for. I made the bread mixture with Panko, corn flake crumbs, parsley, and lemon zest. It was nice and crispy.

home made chipotle

We also attempted to make our own version of Chipotle with rice, corn, black beans, sautéed veggies, salsa (homemade with tomatoes, cucumber, and onion), and shredded kale on top! We were out of cheese and didn’t have sour cream so I opted to spread some jalapeño Laughing Cow cream cheese on my tortilla. It was pretty good!

We’ve also had some not-so-healthy dinners.

fish tacos

These are THE BEST fish tacos you will ever have. From So Long Saloon in Manhattan. I love the crispy shell and the tasty sauce mixed in the with coleslaw on top. Oh it’s sooo good! We ordered them to go and ate them while we made the Chipotle Raspberry Black bean dip. I’m obsessed.

I’ve been trying to at least eat a healthier, more filling breakfast than my usual cereal. I’ve been meaning to try overnight oats. Ever heard of them? I think they’re a new trend but I first heard of them from Julie at pbfingers.com. Let me just say–they are so good!

overnight oats

I have yet to try them with fruit. I’ve mainly been sticking to pecans and Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips. It’s like dessert for breakfast! Definitely make them with chia seeds–they fill you up! I don’t get hungry at work in the mornings anymore when I eat this for breakfast. It’s amazing! I’m usually hungry two hours later after breakfast like clockwork.  On the days I forget to fix overnight oats the night before I just make hot oats with the same toppings. The chocolate melts and makes it so good. It’s only 70 for 16 chips 😉

Speaking of chia seeds. Now that I’ve had them I’ve started noticing them more in other items, like my tortilla chips!

chia seed tortilla

Yeah, Walgreens definitely brought the satisfaction. It made me feel a little better about eating the bean dip with these.

So remember when I bought new running shoes a couple months ago? I really liked them (the Brooks Adrenaline 13) but I felt they were too similar to my old Brooks Ravenas. Also, I accidentally bought the wide size so I had to tie them a lot tighter for them to fit the same snugness. I realized this after one time of wearing them indoors so I continued to wear my old shoes until I exchanged them for….. drum roll please….

The Brooks Ghost 6!

brooks ghost 6

They’re so light, comfortable, and still have good support! I’m going to try them out as is but if feel like I need more cushion I have some inserts I can use. They just fit my foot shape so much better. I’m in love.

brooks ghost 6

Just in case you couldn’t already tell how much of a loser I am, I took some glamour shots of my new shoes…

brooks ghost 6

I took a lot more than 3 photos but I’ll spare you. I’m so pumped to wear them. It’s been so long since I’ve gone running. I can’t wait to get back in the game! I also bought a tank top that matched my shoes… it was meant to be!

Alright, enough about food and shoes. My best friend Charissa is in town and I’m so excited! She’s been here all week and tonight we are reliving our days in the Ville, Aggieville that is (the bar district for all you non-Manhattan folk).  It shall be fun! She also bought some new running shoes the other day (we went shopping together) and she chose the new Brooks Adrenaline 14. They are awesome! Hopefully we can motivate each other to actually run in our new shoes! Wait, didn’t I say enough about shoes? Sorry!

Have you been getting your run on or shoe shopping? Or eating? I hope you’ve at least been eating!