A Day of Feasts

Sunday was a day of delicious food. We got up for breakfast with my parents, Sarah, and Joosung at Simply Breakfast. It was delicious! I couldn’t resist and ordered the French Toast Platter.

french toast

So tasty!

After breakfast, everyone departed. However, instead of going home first, Daniel wanted to catch the Chiefs game on tv so we stopped in a bar and watched it. Well, he watched it, I studied. But they won! That was exciting! Everyone was cheering and I’m the loser with a laptop and textbook like “did I miss something?” haha! Grad school probs.

Anyway we made it back to the Hat (Manhattan for all you non-Manhattanites) for dinner with our friend Garret. We had invited him over a couple weeks ago for fish tacos so he returned the favor by making some for us. He got fancy with some taco seasoning on some Swai, a black bean/corn mix, and some fresh avocado! Oh, and he bought the mango salsa I’m obsessed with.  He’s a good man.

fish tacos

I think they were better than the ones we made him. This might have to be a tradition.

Here’s the rest of Sunday’s meals:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast 2 strips of bacon 90
Whole wheat french toast with syrup (2 slices) 350
hash browns 70
1/2 english muffin 50
Drink Mango Smoothie 300
Lunch Subway Melt 6in on 9grain Honey Wheat 370
Dinner Fish Tacos (2) 380
Total 1610

And since I fail at posting Weekly Wrap-Ups on Sundays…

Weekly wrap up

Looks like I lacked in the workout department this week.  My average calories are down by 100 from last week but I still wasn’t successful in avoiding pizza.  But this week it’s all about avoiding those sweets! Hopefully I can resist!

Time to go running! Have a great rest of your Monday!

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  1. You’ve inspired me! I downloaded the My Fitness Pal on my iTouch to track what I eat. It helps to see what I’m actually eating.

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