All Fourthed out

I hope you all had a great time celebrating yesterday and that no one blew their hand off lighting sparklers (it can happen).  I, sadly, didn’t buy any fireworks this year but I enjoyed the free show from others. Seriously, why is it such a thrill to send your money up into the air to explode? I’m not sure, but it just is.

So my day started off with another 3 mile run. Yep, I’m hardcore. Then it was smoothie time again. Check out the recipe here.  Then Daniel and I headed over to my parent’s house for family time and delicious food. My sister, Sarah, and my brother-in-law, Joosung, were visiting. In fact, they’re still in town so I’m spending more time with them today.

Here’s my food diary from the 4th:

3 scrambled eggs 300 cal

Morning Star Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burger 120 cal
Sara Lee 45 Calorie bread (2 slices) 90 cal
A little ketchup and mustard 30 cal

Banana milk 125 cal

Beef kabobs with veggies 160 cal
Baked beans 100 cal
Potato salad 50 cal
Bean casserole 62 cal
Cherries (5) 20 cal


Lofthouse Red Velvet Frosted Sugar cookie 160 cal
Fudge brownie (just a few bites!) 150 cal

P1080053 Those were delicious and worth every bite

= 1,367 calories

Ouch. I went over. But luckily I worked out yesterday so I was able to make up for some of those calories with a good jog.  I went 3 miles again around the city park (300 calories burned). The park is a little over a square mile so you can average one lap to one mile. It makes it easy to keep track of how far you’ve gone.  If you want something more accurate to gauge your distance there is a great app out there called Endomondo.  It allows you to not only keep track of distance but also calories burned.  I use it when I’m not running around a track.

I won’t  be able to take pictures of everything I eat but I will try to list everything I consume — even drinks, unless it’s water (which is pretty much all I drink). The calorie amounts I add are also based off myfitnesspal but if it’s homemade or not specifically portioned out I estimate the calories.  I usually try to estimate to the higher end so I’m not cheating myself. And of course, Daniel makes sure I do that.

After a fabulous meal with the fam, Daniel and I headed out to the local firework show.  And surprisingly, my camera was able to catch some of the magic.


And here we’re just chilling, enjoying the show.P1080070

What did you all do for the Fourth? Grill anything delicious?

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