Ashley’s Before Photos and My Eats

I know, it’s been a while. Yet another busy week for me!  I had a big take home test to complete, a big test today, and an interview today for a summer internship! Needless to say, I had a few shots tonight when it was all over… that’s acceptable right? It’s Thirsty Thursday!

Ok, here’s Ashley’s before photos. Now remember, she has already lost over 100 pounds! Doesn’t she look good?! 60 more to go and she’s already been keeping up with her healthy eating and exercising!  She’s going to update me this weekend some more about how she’s been handling it so far but her occasional updates sound like it’s been a good week!

Ashley's Before Ashley's Before

She said she’s been working out twice a day! I haven’t even worked out once this week! I plan to go running tomorrow and hopefully figure out how we can start P90x now that I can have a little bit of a life again.

Alright so my eats? Well, I lost track of calories again so I’ll just update you on my meals. I don’t think I’ve gone over 1200 calories that much per day this week.

Sunday I was lazy and we had zucchini so I made zucchini pizza for dinner. It’s one of my faves! So easy, and so tasty! (Don’t worry, I ate more than just two slices. These were just the least ugly of the bunch.)

Squash pizza

Monday, I took advantage of the girlfriend discount for lunch and had Daniel make me a bagel thin sandwich from Einstein’s. Turkey, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, and this awesome pesto/red pepper sauce. Yum!

bagel thin sandwich

For dinner, I decided we needed to finally eat up the Curry Pumpkin Soup my dad had made back in August.  We’ve had it in our freezer and last week I decided it was the season for us to finally eat it up. The problem was it was still a little too spicy, which overpowered the pumpkin flavor. After trying to add more pumpkin and half&half to the concoction last week, I decided to try coconut milk.  Third time’s a charm–it was finally a consistency close to what my dad’s friend Monica had made us in Germany. A little bit of that spice goes a LONG way!

curry pumpkin soup

Tuesday was salad bar and stir fry for dinner. The salad bar was to tide us over while we shopped. Grocery shopping on an empty stomach is a no-no! But to be honest, even when I’m not hungry I want to buy everything in the bakery.

salad bar

stir fry

Wednesday I capitalized on that girlfriend discount again and had another bagel thin sandwich.  They’re so good! And nothing tastes better than free. Sadly, he’s quitting soon due to school/work conflicts and stress so I need to take advantage of my discounts while I can! This one had turkey, spinach, cucumber, avocado, tomato, onion, bacon, light cream cheese, and bbq sauce.  I think it’s my new favorite combo. Obviously the best part is the bacon, cream cheese, and bbq sauce. Mmmm!

bagel thin sandwich

For dinner we didn’t even try and just had macaroni noodles with vodka sauce. I was too busy studying to care. No veggies. Nothing. Just sauce and pasta. But man, that vodka sauce makes everything taste good!

pasta and vodka sauce

So that was my week so far. I had some good veggie moments. I’ve also made a few smoothies this week that I’ll have to update you all on. I have a new protein powder to add now!

What have you been eating this week?! Did you make something healthy? Or perhaps those Pumpkin Scones?! Still can’t get over how good those were. Someone invite me to a party so I can have an excuse to make them again!

Alright, time to get some shut eye. I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already! Goodnight!

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