Bagel Thin Pizza

I can’t believe how fast this week is flying by! Thursday already? Sheesh! But I am so ready for this weekend! OK, admittedly I have a test and studying to do this weekend, but it’ll be nice to sleep in!

Wednesday’s meals:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Corn flakes 100
Almond milk 30
Snack Fiber One bar 140
Almonds 30
Lunch Bagel thin pizza 271
Snack Tortilla with nutella 180
Dinner Pasta with veggies, swai, and alfredo sauce 300
Snack Tortilla with nutella 180
Total 1231

I have been doing much better on calories lately.  I haven’t been eating snacks after dinner except for last night, which I think is why I’m able to stay around 1200.  I don’t always put my food in order of how I consume it FYI. Sometimes I don’t write it down until the end of the day and I just list it out as I recall it.  So if it’s a snack after my dinner, I probably had it sometime during the day.  However, after filling up on pasta, I was really hungry a few hours later. Weird. So I had a second tortilla with nutella in it. Perfection.

In the afternoon I was in the library working on homework which is where the Einstein’s bagel shop is that Daniel works at. I met up with him when his shift was ending so we could walk home together. But of course, I had him make me something before we left. Bagel thin pizza! These are soo good! It was too hot to eat at first but on the walk home it cooled down enough so I started chowing down, hence my outside photo.  He put spinach, onion, and cucumber on it along with sauce and cheese of course. He forgot to add tomatoes, but I forgave him.

bagel thin pizza


For dinner, I was too hungry to wait for the fish to finish cooking before I dug in so that’s why it’s not featured in the photo. In fact, I didn’t add much Swai to my dish because I liked it with just all the veggies more.

veggie pasta bowl

I cut up yellow squash, cucumber, tomato, and green pepper to add, along with some spinach.

Workout Recap

We never got around to running yesterday. This week is lacking in the workout department.  I’m really looking forward to the CrossFit intro class on saturday though!

What workouts have you done this week?

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