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The lake was so much fun yesterday! As you know, we were at Daniel’s uncle’s lake house. His aunt and uncle weren’t there but two of his sisters and several of his cousins made it. It was fun to meet more of his family. The house is on a private lake with plenty of room for fun activities like tubing! Sadly, on the second run the tube broke (I guess it was pretty old), but we still swam a bit and enjoyed the boat.

I’d love to tell you about all the things I ate but I figured I should just show you. Let’s just say I went over my calories A LOT. I didn’t even bother to keep track. You’ll see why.

So first off, those No-Bake Almond Joy Cookies. They were a hit at the lake house! I felt like I kept getting compliments on them through out the day. I pretty much followed the directions except for the salt (I hate adding a lot of salt so I only added a pinch) and I didn’t have wax paper but foil worked just fine –no sticking cookies!

no-bake almond joy cookies

no-bake almond joy cookies

I will definitely be making these more often. In fact, I might make them sooner than later — they’re sooo good!

For dinner, Daniel’s cousin, Luke, grilled us some hot dogs and hamburgers. I opted for the hot dog and loaded up on all the sides.

pot luck

Now here is where things got bad — but OH SO GOOD!

lasagna ice cream

This, my friends, is lasagna ice cream. It’s layered with ice cream sandwiches, chocolate, caramel, and crumbled snickers on top. Luke’s wife, Mindy, made it. She found the recipe on Pinterest. It was AMAZING!

Here’s my first piece. Yeah, first. I had another piece for the ride home… but look at it! Can you blame me?

lasagna ice cream

Once we made it back to Manhattan we quickly headed over to my friend Corey’s for her birthday celebration! I had a little piece of chocolate cake there too. I just went crazy on the sweets! But I warned you I eat dessert like it’s going out of style. It’s my downfall.

And of course, per birthday celebrations, some drinking was involved. Beer, O-Bombs, FIREBALL. I didn’t have much so I felt pretty good waking up today but those were definitely unnecessary calories. Oh yeah, and I had a Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom at the end of the night. So. Much. Food.

I binged hard on those sweets. I take advantage of them. I ate way more than I should have of the food too. But today is a new day and so far I’ve been doing pretty well calorie-wise. ¬†Hopefully I can keep it that way!

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