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Today we’re headed to Daniel’s uncle’s lake house so this is going to be a quick update. Yesterday, I didn’t workout. My left knee has a dull pain so I decided to give it a rest. Also, we were just plain being lazy. But thankfully I didn’t go over calories on my rest day.

Meal Food Calories
Brunch Breafast taco 350
Dinner Panerea Pick 2 Garden Vegeatable Soup 100
Panera Pick 2 Napa Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich 340
Apple 80
Snack 1 No-Bake Almond Joy Cookies 155
Hummus Chips 160
Total 1185

We slept in so we had brunch. We basically made fish tacos again but without fish. Instead, I had scrambled eggs and rice in mine with mango salsa, lettuce, and cheese. Tasty!

breakfast taco

Then we had some golf lessons with my parents! That’s right, my parents are taking up the sport of golf and asked Daniel and I to join. I’ve never really played golf except for a few times and have never been very good. This is the first time I felt like I could actually do it! The instructor made it very simple and gave us great tips on how to swing. I really enjoyed it and got the ball up in the air a few times. We had another lesson this morning. Tiger better watch out, there some new golfers in town! (Trivia fact: Tiger Wood’s dad lived in Manhattan, KS! Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago but Tiger came into town briefly for the funeral).

Look at us pretending like we were made for this. Also note that we are matching by accident.  We’re so in tune, it’s like we live together or something.

Being Bougie

Being Bougie

Now, for the lake today it’s a pot luck so I made some cookies! Keyword: made. I did not bake! They were super easy No-Bake Almond Joy Cookies that I found on Carrots’n’Cake’s blog. Check it out! I added all of the ingredients (including the optional almond extract) and mixed thoroughly. Then formed the dough balls. I ended up making two separate batches because I figured 8 cookies was not enough. I’m not sure how many people will be there today, but I know I want more than one! I don’t know what I did differently but they came out slightly different colors. I’ll update you with a pic tomorrow. Regardless, they are heavenly! But dangerous. One cookie is 155 calories!

Alright off to the lake I go! Have a great saturday!

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