Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Errr… I mean Breakfast at Rachel’s. There’s no fancy jewelry, dresses, or Audrey Hepburn sadly, but there is breakfast in bed! That’s right, my handsome man made me breakfast while I slept in.  Pancakes with strawberries and bananas and scrambled eggs. And no, the pancakes weren’t from a mix. That’s right, he had to go to the store and get the ingredients to make it from scratch. What a guy. He found the recipe at  They’re called Good Old Fashioned Pancakes. They were so fluffy and, well, good! I’ve also just now decided that I cannot consume pancakes unless there is fruit cooked into them. Yum!

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How could I even think about working out after a meal like that? Ok, I was lazy. But I was productive in other aspects like working on re-staining those chairs I had mentioned yesterday.  I have a wood table with 4 wood chairs that have fabric/padding on the seat. I inherited them from my cousins who were getting a newer set. It has done me well the last 5 years but it’s time for an update.  So I spent a good portion of the evening sanding and staining a couple of the chairs with Daniel’s help. In fact, I was just working on them some more before I came inside to blog.

After working on the chairs last night we made a delicious dinner with pollock and rice.  We cooked the pollock on the stove for a few minutes adding some greek rub and lemon pepper and then covered them with pesto and parmesan and baked them for another 5 minutes.  They broke apart as I put them on my plate so that’s why they’re all crumbly looking.

photo (30)

We served them with a fabulous side salad (finally getting those fresh veggies!).  The salad included a bed of spinach with green peppers, cucumbers, bacon bits, craisins, and some light raspberry vinaigrette on top.

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Here’s the full calorie break-down from yesterday:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Strawberry/banana pancakes 175
Eggs 200
Sugar free syrup 50
Lunch Left over Noodles & Co. 150
Snack Graham crackers 120
Dinner Pollock with pesto, parmesan 290
Rice 100
Salad 165
Total 1250

Not too shabby! I mean, with all that sanding I did I’m sure that makes up for the 50 calories I went over, right? Yeah, we’ll go with that.

Ok, here’s the defining moment of whether this new lifestyle has helped me get into shape. My current weight is…..134.2. Whomp whomp. Not much considering my starting weight was 134.6. It’s a little disappointing but I’m staying confident. This is all about being healthy and happy.  I already feel more energetic and more awake in the mornings from when I first started. That is definitely worth it.

Now for my measurements. They were all taken at the widest point.

Measurements Inches
Neck 13
Waist 30
Love handles 36.5
Hips 39
Right thigh 23.5
Left thigh 23.5
Right calf 14.5
Left calf 14.5

That’s right, I’m measuring my love handles. They have always been a troublesome spot for me even back when I was dancing a lot. This time they’re going down! Literally, that measurement is going down (I hope!).

Has anyone else seen some progress in a new diet/workout/lifestyle you’ve started? Let me know what has been working for you!

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  1. It’s good to know that your thighs and calf’s are the same size haha! From what my trainer told me when I was working with him (before Clayton’s redeployment) you will see a difference in your mood and attitude first, then in measurements and last you’ll see it on the scale… so keep at it. You can do it!

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