Day Eight ~ Vegan Challenge

Now that I’m caught up again, here’s day 8!

Day 8
Eat Drink
Wake Up 8 oz of water
Breakfast Oatmeal with a variety of toppings OR 2 pieces of whole wheat toast topped with a nut butter of your choosing and a side of fruit (apple orange or banana) 8 oz of water
Morning 8 oz of water before lunch (I always keep a water bottle handy)
Lunch Leftover Black Bean Veggie Burger topped with red pepper hummus OR crumble a veggie burger on top of a salad and use salsa as dressing 8 oz of water
Afternoon Kale chips! or an apple and a handful of almonds/walnuts 8 oz of water before dinner
Dinner Mediterannean Baked Tofu from Vegan Eats World (recipe and pictures to come) and a side of rice 8 oz of water
Exercise At least 16 oz of water after exercise to rehydrate

I was rushing in the morning so I had a quick piece of toast with some almond butter and a banana for breakfast.

For a snack I was craving some kale chips so I made a small batch.

Kale Chips

I added a little paprika to them. They’re addicting!

For dinner I made a recipe from one of the books I bought while in Portland: Vegan Eats World. It’s by the same author of Veganomicon, which is also an awesome recipe book. Daniel’s sister had it, and I perused it quite often while we visited to help prepare me for my vegan challenge. It has so many good recipes and tips! Vegan Eats World has similar tips but the recipes are of an international variety. I literally want to make every recipe in it — they all sound so delicious and the pictures are mouthwatering. I think every vegan should have both books.

I had another rest day instead of exercise… sort of. I went to the chiropractor and have some major problems with my left shoulder. I’ve felt a dull pain/uncomfortableness in it for at least six months and finally decided to do something about it. Turns out my shoulder is out of place and is being pulled forward by ligaments over compensating for the weak/tight muscles (or something to that sort). Every time I do a push up or arm exercises it pops. My chiropractor gave me some exercises to do to strengthen my shoulder so I did those instead of a more intense workout. If you’re following the challenge, just restart the Five Day Workout Plan on Day One. Keep getting stronger! It should be easier this week and you shouldn’t feel as sore.

Five Day Workout Plan Day 1

Make sure you’re not using too light of weights. It should be difficult to get through 3 sets of 12. I use 10 lb weights. Be sure to stretch afterwards (arms, shoulders, quads, hams, and calves) and rehydrate as well!

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