Day Eleven ~ Vegan Challenge

I’m getting behind again! Here is day 11.

Day 11
Eat Drink
Wake Up 8 oz of water
Breakfast Oatmeal with a variety of toppings OR 2 pieces of whole wheat toast topped with a nut butter of your choosing and a side of fruit (apple orange or banana) 8 oz of water
Morning 8 oz of water before lunch (I always keep a water bottle handy)
Lunch Spinach Salad with strawberries blueberries sunflower seeds and raspberry vinaigrette 8 oz of water
Afternoon If you're hungry any time throughout the day have an apple or celery with 2 Tbsp of nut butter (I like almond or peanut butter) 8 oz of water before dinner
Dinner White Bean Salad from My Whole Food Life with a side of rice 8 oz of water
Exercise At least 16 oz of water after exercise to rehydrate

Daniel made me a beautiful salad for lunch. Can’t go wrong with some strawberries and blueberries!

fruit and spinach salad

For dinner I followed yet another recipe from Melissa at My Whole Food Life. Easy White Bean Salad. It’s so refreshing! I liked it but I added some balsamic vinaigrette to the final product for some more tangy flavor.

white bean salad

Now, get ready for this amazing dessert I had! I kind of stole the idea from Pinterest. Unfortunately, I closed out of the link so I’m not sure where it originated from but I’ve adapted it a bit for the vegan diet. It was also originally a cookie dough mix but mine became more of a brownie batter.

healthy brownie batter

Excuse my photography skills, it was late and I was ready to dig in!

What’s in it:

2 Tbsp almond butter
1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder
2-3 Tbsp Almond milk

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy! You can eat as is or put it in the fridge for 20 minutes for a firmer, cooler treat.

Serving suggestion: add chocolate chips or cocoa powder to make it even more choco-licious! If I had either on hand I totally would have done that–but alas, I didn’t. And I’m also not sure if chocolate chips are vegan. Maybe the semi-sweet are but obviously themilk chocolate chips are not. *sigh*

Workout Time! The 4th day of the Five Day Workout Plan. Shazam!

Day Four Five Day Workout Plan

I had to skip the pushups because of my shoulder but was able to do everything else. Then I did a little yoga core exercise.

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