Day Seventeen ~ Vegan Challenge

Day 17
Eat Drink
Wake Up 8 oz of water
Breakfast Oatmeal with a variety of toppings OR 2 pieces of whole wheat toast topped with a nut butter of your choosing and a side of fruit (apple orange or banana) 8 oz of water
Morning 8 oz of water before lunch (I always keep a water bottle handy)
Lunch Sandwich with whole wheat bread; spinach; slices of cucumber; tomato; yellow squash; and white bean pesto dip spread on each slice 8 oz of water
Afternoon If you're hungry any time throughout the day have a Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie or a larabar 8 oz of water before dinner
Dinner Quinoa Pesto With Vegetables from My Whole Food Life 8 oz of water
Exercise At least 16 oz of water after exercise to rehydrate

We had our neighbors over for dinner so we went all out! Our dinner consisted of a spinach and fruit salad for an appetizer, the Pesto with Vegetables for the main course, and a homemade Larabar for dessert.

This time for the pasta we used the same macaroni noodles from before but we roasted the tomatoes first. We loosely followed this recipe. Well, we just added dried basil instead of fresh for the tomatoes, so I guess that’s the only difference. They were so good! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from that night so here’s an old one.

pesto pasta and vegetables

It was a fun night! And luckily our guests enjoyed the dinner. I wish could have made a more spectacular vegan dessert, but those homemade Larabars sure are tasty.

For exercise I followed Day Four of the Five Day Workout Plan.

Day Four Five Day Workout Plan

I used 10 lb weights. Feel free to bump it up if it’s starting to get too easy. And remember to hydrate afterwards!

I followed this video for stretching. She does a lot of my favorites which have recently been hamstrings, shoulders, and neck.

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