Day Ten ~ Vegan Challenge

Day 10
Eat Drink
Wake Up 8 oz of water
Breakfast Oatmeal with a variety of toppings OR a piece of fruit (apple orange or banana) with EITHER 2 pieces of whole wheat toast topped with a nut butter of your choosing or a homemade Larabar 8 oz of water
Morning 8 oz of water before lunch (I always keep a water bottle handy)
Lunch Leftover Kale with Tomato Risotto 8 oz of water
Afternoon If you're hungry any time throughout the day have an apple or celery with 2 Tbsp of nut butter OR a larabar 8 oz of water before dinner
Dinner Leftover Black Bean Veggie Burger (if you have any) crumbled over a Spinach Salad with salsa for dressing (add your choice of fresh veggies to the salad) 8 oz of water
Exercise At least 16 oz of water after exercise to rehydrate

For breakfast I had an orange with a Larabar. It was tasty and simple.

Lunch was a plate of the leftover Kale with Tomato Risotto. I love the flavors of it. I want to make it again with some actual Arborio rice though. It’s not the same without some creaminess.

Kale with Tomato Risotto

For dinner I was lazy and still had a Black Bean Veggie Burger so I crumbled it over a spinach salad with some salsa. If you don’t have any veggie burgers left, just make a spinach salad with some fresh veggies and either salsa or balsamic vinaigrette.

For exercise I did my shoulder exercises as well as jumped back in on day 3 of the Five Day Workout Plan since it doesn’t involve anything that will bother my shoulder.

day 3 of five day workout plan

I also followed this yoga video for some good stretching. I like the chest stretches since my pecks are tight which is contributing to my shoulder problems.

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