Day Three ~ Vegan Challenge

Keep up the good work! Day three is packed with more healthy options and exercise!

Day 3
Eat Drink
Wake Up 8 oz of water
Breakfast Oatmeal with a variety of toppings OR 2 pieces of whole wheat toast topped with a nut butter of your choosing and a side of fruit (apple orange or banana) 8 oz of water
Morning 8 oz of water before lunch (I always keep a water bottle handy)
Lunch Leftover Black Beans and Rice with an apple 8 oz of water
Afternoon If you're hungry any time throughout the day have 2 Tbsp hummus with either baby carrots or slices of cucumber and bell pepper 8 oz of water before dinner
Dinner Easy Stir Fry 8 oz of water
Exercise At least 16 oz of water after exercise to rehydrate

You should be aiming to get at least 64 ounces or 8 cups of water a day! It feels great to get the recommended amount and flush out your system. And your skin will thank you!

For breakfast, I went with oatmeal topped with pecans, dried cranberries and cinnamon. I tried to mix it up while still getting a serving of fruit but I wasn’t craving any fresh fruit. I always try to get a couple servings throughout the day though so I added an apple to my lunch.

The Easy Stir Fry is something I make a lot. You can use any veggies you have on hand. Sometimes I add cucumber, yellow squash, zucchini, asparagus — feel free to add your favorites!

easy stir fry

For my exercise, I continued the Five Day Plan. This time doing the second day’s reps. I also ran 1.5 miles outside, but it was too cold to continue.

Five Day Plan Day 2

Once again, I used my 10 lb free weights instead of 5 lb except for the reverse fly. For explanations of the movements, click the link above. Try your best to stay in form while doing each rep and remember to stretch afterwards and rehydrate!

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