Guess what I’m up to today! Let’s see, it’s a saturday, it’s the summer…. a wedding! Yep. A dear friend from high school was married today.  I loved how non-traditional it was, they had donuts instead of cake! Check it out:

photo (36)

Maple on chocolate and lavender with coconut topping.  You may be surprised but I only ate one donut! Yeah, I’m hardcore (just kidding, I totally have no self control usually). I think it’s because I ate breakfast before attending this morning’s wedding.

Speaking of breakfast, check out what I ate yesterday:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast almond milk 30
corn flakes 100
Snack smoothie 155
Lunch rice and veggies 140
Snack Cliff Bar 190
watermelon 45
Dinner Chinese 325
Snack Cheese dip 120
tortilla chips 250
Drink Sangria 150
Total 1505

Ok, this was my worse day so far.  I was doing fine until the cheese dip! I shouldn’t have had so much of it and tortilla chips add calories fast. It’s just so good! I went over to my lovely friend Corey’s place for game night and catching up and her friend Sam had brought it over. I had two bowls of it…

photo (34)

 I also probably shouldn’t have had the left over chinese food either. It never fills me up for long but it’s just so tasty. That big piece of lemon chicken was calling my name.

photo (33)

I did, however, go for a run with Daniel yesterday for over two miles! I really should start doing three. It’s just so hard when it’s hot outside. Any suggestions on how to overcome the heat? Sucking it up might do the trick haha.

Well I have a bunch of friends in town for the wedding so I’m excited to hang out with them some more tonight! Now, it’s off to attempt more staining… then I hopefully get to over eat on Indian food at my friend Dhithya’s house. We’re having a sleep over tonight, I’m so stoked! It feels like high school and I love it.


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