Double Time

I’m back again to update you with Saturday’s success…er failure.

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Cereal 120
Almond milk 30
Lunch Corn dog with ketchup 190
Veggie burger with bread, ketchup, mustard 190
Dinner Grapes 40
Mac & Cheese, BBQ, salad, cantalope 369
Dessert 1/2 Brownie Bling Concrete 375
Total 1314

Ok it wasn’t that bad but I did go over. That Brownie Bling was necessary! We were back in Topeka and I NEEDED some Sheridan’s. Look at it’s beauty.

Brownie Bling ice cream

I love fudge on ice cream and it did not disappoint!

We had dinner at Daniel’s sister Kelly’s house. Her husband, Nelson, grilled some delicious BBQ ribs.


Love me some good ol’ fashion BBQ!

Workout Report:

I ran friday and saturday! Be proud. ¬†Friday was just 2.5 miles because I made Daniel run with me before his class and he didn’t have a lot of time. Then saturday we ran 4.5 miles! It felt great! But we did walk for some of it.

So I’ve decided in order to really see how I’ve been doing each week I’ve started Weekly Wrap-ups!

Week Wrap-Ups

I was fine for most of the week until the end. I did well keeping track of my calories more but the weekend is where I really slacked. I knew I was going over and I didn’t stop myself. My goal for this next week is to not let social gatherings cause me to exceed my calories for the day (at least by a large amount i.e. 700+ calories).

So moving is going well, we are pretty much done with all of the big stuff, just have random clothes, books, knick knacks left to sort through. I have taken the before photos of the place but it may be a little while before we’re completely settled but I’ll provide some “progress” photos soon!

Oh and tomorrow is mine and Daniel’s one year anniversary. I have already been surprised with my gift!!!!!! Now I just have to think of a clever way to give him his. I can’t wait! I’ll tell you all about it later! For now, we gotta finish sorting through boxes. We also currently don’t have internet so I’m typing this at my parent’s. It should be installed tomorrow. Have a lovely Sunday evening!

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