Eliminate 10 Items Resolution #2

I really wanted to address the current situation with the purge of animal welfare documents from the USDA site, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to do it (still can’t grasp the absurdity of it all). All I will say is that so much cruelty goes unseen and to do away with those documents that so many organizations depend on to protect animals is appalling. However, the single most effective way to end the suffering of animals is to vote with your dollar every time you’re at the grocery store. Stop the suffering!

Anyway, that wasn’t the purging I intended to talk about today. It’s another month which means another day of purging 10 items from my household. As mentioned in the last elimination session, I was targeting the bathroom vanity. I just have too much makeup, hair products, and randomness in there. It’s hard to find things and stay organized.

Here she is in all her glory. Please excuse the scratched up wood. We are planning to refinish it someday.

The vanity

But anyways, here’s what we’re working with. And yes, I claim all of the drawers. Daniel gets nothing.

The vanity before

In the top left drawer I keep my base layer makeups like primer, foundation, concealer, and powders. I organized things in order of use because I’m practical like that. Or something. Second drawer on the left holds eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara, and lip colors. Bottom left is feminine hygiene (gotta have that stuff conveniently located–ya know?). Top right–again most used hair stuff like combs and brushes, a hand mirror, bobby-pins and the like. Second right is additional hair stuff like hair bands, hair ties, and more bobby pins. Bottom right is basically the bathroom junk drawer though it’s mostly nail care with some hair and teeth (crest white strips) mixed in.

Here’s what I purged from the top left drawer:

top left drawer purged

Mostly, it’s really old makeup, that I used up or never quite matched my skin right. Or that I loved so much I didn’t want to admit it was empty–like those NARS concealers. *sigh*

In similar fashion to my previous elimination, here’s the side-by-side comparison. It’s now so much easier to find the makeup I want and the excess clutter in the back of the drawer is gone.


The second drawer is definitely more organized now but I still have wayyyy too much make up. I got rid of mostly old make up again. Some of this stuff is like 10 years old. Yikes.

2nd left drawer purged

By the way, that container with the tape on it is my homemade dry shampoo, in case you were wondering.


The bottom drawer didn’t need much help already but I cleared out some items that didn’t fit the “theme” of the drawer.

3rd left purged

Basically it was just that bag in the back full of the items above. I am planning to keep the hand sanitizer because I use that stuff like it’s going out of style. The rest is going to a good home. I’m also keeping the bag, because it’s cute (I can’t help myself!) but I have moved it to the location where I keep bags. And yes, that’s all of the feminine hygiene products I use–a menstrual cup and some panty liners. If you’re a woman and you haven’t heard of a menstrual cup you should educate yo’self! They are awesome.


Now for the other side. This drawer was really all things I used, just disorganized. There were spare toothbrushes in there that I moved to our medicine cabinet, along with some face cream. Everything else stayed.

1st right

Below is what I removed from the second drawer. I ended up getting rid of some ill-fitting headbands, some old makeup brushes, contacts I don’t need (yay LASIK!), and some skin cream from my eczema-suffering days.

2nd right purged

The second drawer doesn’t look like a huge improvement but I was able to organize it more. Obviously Powercat face stickers and a green twirler hair tool that I don’t know how to use or why I have it are necessities. I need help.

2nd right

Here’s what I removed from the third drawer. I still technically need to confirm with Daniel that I can get rid of the razors… I think they’re his? Although I have been known to use a male Gillette before. So many blades!

3rd right purged

The third drawer was just chaos. Old nail polishes, razors, and teeth whitening strips that I’m sure were past their prime (I’m considering oil pulling for a more natural whitening remedy). The after is so much better with just the “essentials.” You know, fake nails and eyelashes.

3rd right

I like these posts because they keep me accountable with my resolutions AND someday when I forget what happened to something I had I can look back at these posts and be like “Oh yeah, I got RID of it” and then cry because the void of that item will never be filled again.

How do you organize your bathroom? Do you hoard old makeup/beauty products like me?

xoxo Rachel


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