Exploring Denver Metro & What I Ate Out and About

This weekend was a busy one! My parents came all the way from Kansas to celebrate my mom’s birthday (March 2nd) as well as mine (Feb 23rd). As always, it was great to spend some quality time with them and explore a bit more of our city. Although we’ve been in the Denver area for over a year and a half now, everything is still pretty new and there’s so much yet to see! This time around we finally visited some nearby places like the Butterfly Pavilion–soo cool! We may have been the only visitors without kids but it was still a lot of fun. It’s a mini zoo of sorts with 1600+ butterflies, insects, arachnids, and some marine life!



Daniel was brave enough to hold Rosie, the tarantula. He got a sticker for doing it.

Daniel holds a tarantula

I shared my wisdom on a notecard of what I do to save marine life.

save marine life

Scientists actually predict 2048 but I couldn’t remember the exact year at the time.

We also explored Olde Town in Arvada and ventured to Casa Bonita for a dive show.

With all of this exploring, it made sense to mostly eat out since we weren’t home much. And I’m here to show you how easy it is to eat vegan at virtually any restaurant. There’s NO excuse. There’s always a way to alter a meal to make it suite your needs.

(Bloggerfail–>I didn’t take any photos of my food. You’ll just have to trust me.)

First, we went to Zoe’s Kitchen for a quick dinner Thursday night. We lucked out because they had a TON of vegan options! I chose a cup of the Mediterranean lentil soup with the hummus and salad plate. Their red pepper hummus is so good! It’s easy to vegan-ize when you just have to ask for no cheese!

Friday night we went to Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a Mexican restaurant with live entertainment including cliff divers, musicians, and various acts. Definitely more for kids but still cool to see (once haha). They also have an arcade and a cave to explore. We’ve heard from various sources that the food isn’t that great, it’s the atmosphere you go for. That is definitely true. The interior was awesome and looked like a little village; the food was meh. I had burritos and was able to replace the meat with pinto beans and removed any cheese from my dish. Instead, I flavored it with salsa (which was the best part in my opinion). They did have refried beans but they put lard in it (animal fat=gross). Why ruin a good thing with lard?! But it all worked out and I didn’t starve. Plus, I can finally say I’ve been there (check that off the ol’ bucket list!).

Saturday meals were much more delightful. We took my parents to one of our favorite restaurants–Yak and Yeti. They are an Indian restaurant with a wide variety of vegan friendly options. We went for the lunch buffet and were able to eat plenty of dishes such as vegetable korma and sweet potato masala. Mmmmm.

Saturday night we ordered in some pizza. Super easy. Just ask for a vegetarian pizza and hold the cheese.

In the end I still had several delicious meals and I didn’t have to risk my health for it! (Or an animal’s life, or the destruction of the planet. You’re welcome.)

xoxo Rachel

P.S. If Daniel and I were jellyfish, this would be us. Holding “hands” and me stealing his food.

Jellyfish love


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