First Day

Yesterday was my first day of work as you know. It went well! I did a lot of reading to get acquainted with the projects I’ll be working on. To keep my body and brain fueled during work, I made a fruit smoothie to take with. It was not very pretty and I was a little embarrassed to have people see inside my cup.

fruit smoothie

This is obviously an old photo (blond wood table) but it gives you an idea. It was maybe not even that pink since I didn’t have any fresh strawberries so it was almost kind of pale. Anyway, not the prettiest but oh so good!

So what I ate Tuesday:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Corn Flakes 100
Almond Milk 40
Snack Fruit Smoothie 220
Lunch Almond Butter & Strawberry Preserves sandwich 230
Snack Chips and Peach & Mango Jalapeno Jam 120
Dinner Crusted Salmon and Rice 340
Fruit and Spinach Salad 150
Dessert Toblerone (2 pieces) 80
Total 1280

I had my favorite salad of course! A bed of spinach with some fruit (this time blueberries), feta, sliced almonds, and raspberry vinaigrette. Never disappoints!

fruit and spinach salad

To accompany it for dinner, Daniel made a crusted Salmon, but with a twist! Instead of using eggs to hold the toppings to the fish, he used mustard!

crusted salmon

It wasn’t even that strong of a mustard flavor. He just brushed it on the fillets, then pressed them into the bread crumb mixture. The mixture consisted of Panko bread crumbs, Corn Flake crumbs, one slice of bread crumbled in a food processor first, lemon zest, Creole seasoning, and Italian seasoning (basil, parsley, and oregano).

It was really good! Daniel had added some soy sauce to his rice and I was going to but once I started eating the fish with the rice I completely forgot! It was so good, it didn’t need more flavor. Seriously people, mustard is the way to go.

Workout recap time!

I did not workout.

Moving on!

I did something crazy tonight.  I jumped on the bandwagon. The kale chip bandwagon, that is. Verdict: Not bad! Definitely not as good as real chips, but I can dig it. I’ll share my version of it tomorrow!

Enjoy your Wednesday evening!

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