High School Reunion

So yesterday was absolutely fabulous. As you know, a good friend was married yesterday.  Afterwards, my friends and I met at a local bistro for lunch.  I had this amazing fresh spinach and fruit salad with vinaigrette. There was granola and feta in it. Yum!

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Later that night we headed to Dhithya’s house for the sleep over.  Crazy side story, but Dhithya’s family lives in the house I grew up in. No lie! My parents decided it was time to move and it just so happened that at that same time Dhithya’s family was looking for a different place too! She ended up having my old room (with my pastel yellow walls and all) and it has been awesome being able to go back over there.  That was 10 years ago! But back to the party. So her mom is an amazing cook and feeds me well every time I come over.  I can’t properly give the names of everything but we had potatoes, yellow and white rice, and vegetables. Be jealous.

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It was so much fun catching up with all those ladies. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics from yesterday but I’ll post pictures tomorrow of the lake adventures! 

Let’s take a gander at my food diary from Saturday:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Corn flakes 120
  Skim milk 80
Dessert Cake donut 200
Lunch Spinach and fresh fruit 300
Dinner Pasta and sauce 310
Snack Banana & honey 120
2nd Dinner AMAZING Indian Cuisine 230
Total   1360

That’s right, a SECOND dinner. I mean, dinner is always good, so why not capitalize on it when you can? Plus, all my friends know I can’t pass up free food, especially Indian. Mhmm! 

I also didn’t work out at all yesterday. I fail! I’ve always had trouble incorporating workouts into my day when they’re so jam packed like this. I suppose I could have woken up early before the wedding to workout but I was already getting up at 8am just to get ready and that’s early enough. HA! I must sound so lazy. And truth be told, I am. Seriously, I love sleep way too much and will not compromise it for working out. Which, is probably why I don’t lose weight very fast. To optimize on weight-loss I know I should schedule specific times to workout and stick to it. I need to plan ahead more. I’ll get on that. I definitely plan to have a good workout tomorrow! I promise!

Sorry for the delay on this post, by the way. I was continuing the reunion at the lake today! It was SO much fun boating, jet skiing, and tubing… until I got home and realize I got BURNED. My whole back is lobster red. Totally worth it though.  Time to shower off the smell of lake now!

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