How to Indulge Wisely on Thanksgiving

With only a few days before Thanksgiving, I thought it was time I figured out my “game plan” for the day. The day of over indulging. I want to share with you a few of my tips and tricks on how to enjoy all of the delicious food without feeling like you just gained 10 pounds in one sitting.

How to Indulge Wisely on Thanksgiving

As with any meal, the key is portion control when it comes to the Thanksgiving meal.  It allows you to sample everything and still feel satisfied.  Instead of taking a large spoonful of everything on the table, try putting half of that on your plate. Your plate may not look as full as usual, but you’ll thank yourself later. Plus, if you’re still hungry after the first plate you can always grab seconds, just allow time for your first plate to settle.

Here’s an example plate from years past. You can see I didn’t have too much of one thing on there, though I still think I should have done smaller servings. I’m sure I overate this year.

thanksgiving meal

Going a little out of order, but I also make sure to eat as much of the healthy stuff first, like salad, before I dig in on the rest. That way I at least get in some nutrients for the day. And it fills me up more so I have less room for the mashed potatoes and casseroles.

thanksgiving salad Another tradition I like to do is hold off on the dessert. WHAT?! I know, it’s crazy. But I’m usually so full afterwards that I can’t possibly fit in anymore. What my family likes to do instead is go on a walk! It became a tradition with my sister, cousin Megan, and I. We’d walk to the closest trail and enjoy the outdoors. We’d also take lots of photos (with some silly poses):

Being Charlie’s Angels… (warning these are a little outdated from my high school years, oddly couldn’t find any of the most recent)
thanksgiving 06 2
Throwing me off of the hill…
thanksgiving 06
Behaving for once…
Thanksgiving 08

I wish I could find some photos from the first Thanksgiving we started the tradition on–they were pretty hilarious. These walks have always been my favorite part of the holiday. Making memories!

Our walks were for at least an hour. After that we were typically ready to go home and warm up– warm up to some pie that is! Now that our stomachs had processed some of the food, it was time for dessert! With dessert, there are really no rules. It is a holiday after all! But I do try to limit myself to only a couple slices of pie. I need pecan and pumpkin pie and then I’m satisfied. If you want to try all the desserts available that day, I would take the same approach as with the main meal– tiny portions to sample everything.

thanksgiving dessert

Don’t go in over thinking it though. That will make it harder on you to resist overeating. Just enjoy the day with your friends and family and know what you’re thankful for. There’s always tomorrow to get back in the game. I’m sure you’ll be burning some calories during the Black Friday shopping, right? 😉

So basically have a salad first, less is more when filling up your plate, and walk it off afterwards. Then, enjoy your dessert!

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