I’m Back and Ready for Action!

Sign my name in blood because this girl is going to go gangbusters on the 30 Day Vegan Challenge! Whoop whoop!

I started yesterday and it’s been good so far! I’ll post about it later. For now, I want to share with you what I’ve been up to! No exercising and lots of food! My vacation was fabulous. I stayed with my friend Michelle and husband Nony in Tacoma, WA for a few days. It was so much fun! I got to finally meet their little 7th month old, Malakai. He’s adorable! We went on adventures to the space needle, Pike’s Place Market, an awesome Moroccan restaurant, and more! Here’s a peak at a few of those things:

Complimentary photo at the space needle. Doesn’t Malakai look so happy? hehe.

seattle space needle

top of space needle

space needle

My attempt at being artistic with an iphone.

seattle space needle

Daniel and I by Pike’s Place.

Pike's Place

Fresh oysters, say what?!

fresh raw oysters

The very first Starbucks! And I ordered a soy green tea latte.

original starbucks pike's place

Michelle and I at Marrakesh, the Moroccan restaurant. It was delicious! A little pricey, but it came with a five course meal. No complaints! I left full and happy.

Marrakesh Moroccan restaurant

I had so much fun visiting them and wish them the best on their new journey to Japan!

After our Washington adventures we headed to Portland, Oregan to visit Daniel’s sister, Sunny, her husband, Chris, and their cute boys, Theo and Elliot. They took us downtown to the big Powell’s Books store. I’d live there if I could. I bought a vegan cookbook and may use some recipes in it for the vegan challenge. We explored the area a bit, went to Le Bistro Montage which makes you awesome foil animals to-go (so don’t clean your plate), Voodoo Doughnuts for a Voodoo Doll (delicious), went to Multnomah Falls, and Seaside with Daniel’s friend Troy who moved to Portland 6 months ago.

My swan and Daniel’s scorpion from Montage.

le bistro montage foil animals Voodoo Doughnuts paints their brick with glitter! Awesomeness.

voodoo donuts

We had to try the Voodoo Doll of course. He was delicious.

voodoo doughnuts voodoo doll

Multnomah Falls! It was gorgeous even though it was raining. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hike up it because the bridge had a hole (see right side of bridge). Apparently a rock had fallen on it earlier that morning. But we did hike up half of another fall nearby it. I’d say we went at least a mile. I didn’t keep track. But we were too hungry to continue.

Multnomah falls

I definitely enjoyed the trip, but I didn’t eat the healthiest. A majority of my diet was vegetarian but I did eat some meat too. I could have tried harder to avoid it but I was on vacation and didn’t want to miss out on any of the delicious food. Exercising also didn’t happen for me, but I was doing a lot of walking. My Fitbit Flex helped me to keep track and most days I was reaching, or even surpassing, my 10,000 steps goal! This could be why I didn’t gain too much weight while gone. I’m currently sitting at 124.8 lbs. It’s not as bad as I was expecting.

I can’t wait to share later what I’ve been doing. I was wanting to provide a grocery list for each week but I’m not sure what I’ll be having exactly each day yet. There’s so many vegan recipes I want to try and I just can’t decide which ones to do first! Who knew a vegan diet could be so tasty?!

How’s the start of your new year? Done anything exciting, or are you just trying to get back into a routine?

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