I’m Forever Yours…

…Faithfully writing away on this blog and sharing my weekend happenings! Journey tribute band = awesome! They sounded so similar! Daniel claims the Tom Petty tribute band was better because the singer actually sounded like Tom Petty, but I’m still leaning towards Journey as my favorite. Their songs are so much fun to sing along with!

Here’s us at the concert taking random pics while we wait for my family to arrive.






It was crowded! My Dad’s best friend came with his family too and I guess they found them first so mine and Daniel’s seat-saving efforts went to waste. Here was our original seat view:


Yeah, we’re awesome like that and found seats up front and center. Ok, I may have zoomed in a little for this pic. But they were good seats! Here’s where we moved to be with my family:


Back and off to the right! At least we could hear ourselves more.  It was fun nonetheless!

Saturday’s foods:

Meal Food Calories
Lunch Subway Footlong ham 660
2nd Lunch McDonald’s fries, 4 mcnuggets w/ honey, and southwest salad (without chicken) 460
Dinner 2 Slice of cheese pizza 350
Breadstick 140
Total 1610

Not a good day. I didn’t want to be starving during the concert so we made a quick trip to McDonald’s. I ate a few of Daniel’s fries, had 4 McNuggets, and then this Southwest salad that was tasty but the chicken that came with was grossing me out so I took it off. It was too moist… and not a white color. Not pink. But not white either. Better safe than sorry. The rest of it was good though! Then my sister had leftover pizza at her place so Daniel and I did the honors of snacking on it after the concert.

But tomorrow is a new day! Oh wait, technically that’s today, and I didn’t do much better. More on that tomorrow!

By the way, Daniel and I are going to try to not have any sweets (except of course those Fiber One or Luna bars) for the whole week! Wish me luck! And please send some will-power my way!

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