I’m on a Boat!

And it’s going fast and I’ve got a nautical themed pashmina afghan! Ok I don’t have either of those but I was on a boat! Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties and the boat was over heating, meaning we couldn’t go fast. And at one point we couldn’t go at all! The boat wouldn’t start. Luckily, we had a jetski that could tow the boat back to the dock. It was a slow process but fun nonetheless!  In the meantime, while the boat was stationary in the water, we swam, tubed, and drove the jetski around.


From left to right: Dhithya, Sushu, me, Heather

We had so much fun and plan to make this a yearly expedition, assuming we all can get away from school and jobs.  Here we are chillin’ on the back of the boat while it’s being tugged in by Heather’s father.


Yesterday’s meals:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Cereal 120
Skim 80
Snack Carrots 25
Lunch Turkey slices 130
Veggies 40
Snack Bbq potato chips 310
Drink Raspberry Wheat Shock Top 179
Dinner Chicken & veggie kabobs 205
Veggie stir fry 75
Rice 100
Toast w/ strawberry jam 70
Total 1334

Boating trips = over eating. When there are chips around me I just can’t stop! We had an awesome meal with the kabobs and rice. We also stir fried the extra veggies that wouldn’t fit on the kabobs. Best idea ever. We just added a tiny bit of teriyaki sauce for flavor.

photo (40)

Weekends apparently are my break days because I always have so much going on that I don’t find time to workout. It was definitely fun relaxing and hanging out with so many friends though.

I hope you all are having a fabulous monday! I’m off to drink coffee and chill in the park with these same lovely ladies and the newly wed couple! Yep, they took a mini-moon (short honeymoon) and are back already.

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  1. You totally had exercise at the lake! Lots of swimming and clenching your thighs to stay on the jet ski! Plus, the lake vibrations helped with cellulite, remember?!?!?

    Also, I’m adding your blog onto my daily blog reading list, so I will be reading regularly!

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