It’s A Double Rainbow All The Way

Yesterday was a busy day working on those said chairs that Daniel and I are re-staining and reupholstering. We tried to get a lot done so we could finally have two chairs complete! We decided for easier moving we’re not going to put all the chairs back together until they’re in our new place. However, I could not wait that long to see the final result so we pieced one together real quick. Here it is next to the last chair that we need to work on.

Chair old and new

Major transformation! It’s doesn’t even look like they came from the same set! I’m so happy with how the stain turned out. I wish I would have taken some pictures when we used the horrific 2-in-1 Polyshade. It literally just looked like chocolate paint. So we sanded THREE times! That’s right. The initial sand, then after the Polyshade, and then again after some stain when we realized not all of the Polyshade was off so some of the stain wasn’t absorbing.  But it was all worth it! Check out that contrast! (Ignore Daniel’s white legs, they’re not part of the contrast).

Chairs old and new stain

And that fabric upgrade?! Totally worth the $4.50/yard. Score!

Fabric old and new

The rest of the after pictures will have to come once we move.

So here’s my meals from yesterday:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Cereal 100
Almond milk 30
Snack Protein Shake 120
Dinner 5 Tacos with salsa 552
Drinks Double Rainbow, Tarantula, Lemonade & gin 409
Total 1211

We were so busy in the afternoon working on the chairs that we didn’t really have a lunch. I was stuffed after those tacos though.  By the time we did finally eat dinner I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of it but they were tasty as usual. Every thursday at Porter’s, a local bar and deli, they serve 50 cent tacos. They’re simple but delicious and you can’t go wrong with the price. After consuming half my calories in tacos, Daniel and I preceded to hang out with our friends and have a few drinks. Now, tarantulas and gin lemonades are nothing to get excited about but have you ever had a DOUBLE RAINBOW?! No? Well I feel sorry for you. Look at it’s beauty.

Double Rainbow

It’s one of the bartender’s specialties. He takes fruit juices and Kool-aides and freezes them in ice cubes trays. Then he adds two of each color to the glass (hence the name Double Rainbow). He then pours the equivalent of typical long island liquors with some club soda over it. It’s the best drink I’ve ever had. So fruity-licious!

Double Rainbow

You can enjoy this delight at Auntie Mae’s Parlor. It’s not available until after 10pm when this particular bartender arrives. And it may only be on thursdays. But you should check it out. Or make your own at home!

As for my exercise yesterday, Daniel and I went on a run in the rain. It was that 2.5 mile route again. This time we ran it faster than usual since it was less hot. I was proud and tired. We’ve decided we’d like to run and marathon someday. Ok, Daniel wants to do that, I’d just be happy making it through a half marathon. I think we’ll start smaller though with a 10K and then work our way up to longer distances. Any suggestions on how to train for these races? I assume just slowly try to increase mileage but I wonder if there’s other techniques for faster times. Let me know if you have any advice!

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