Loaded Up On Appetizers


Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Corn Flakes 100
Almond milk 90
Fruit 15
Lunch Veggie wrap, small salad, fruit 175
Brownie 120
Snack Rice and veggies 60
Tortilla, lettuce, cheese, and mango salsa 280
 Dinner Crab Rangoon Dip and Loaded Potato Ribbons 550
Shark Taco 230
Drink Little Apple Brewing Co. Beer 100
Total 1720


So at my grad orientation they had a delicious lunch for us. I opted for the veggie wrap instead of a sandwich. And they had an array of cookies and brownies. I would have tried everything on that dessert display but I resisted and took one brownie. Also, I made a point to only eat half of it, which means I ended up eating 3/4 of it.  I didn’t want to be that freak taking pictures of my food on the first day of meeting everyone, so unfortunately I don’t have a pic. But trust me, they fed us well!

As I mentioned yesterday, Daniel and I went over to Garret’s to play some disc golf. There’s a course right by his house. I suck at throwing it far so of course the boys had to give me a bunch of advice on how to throw it better. I’m not sure I really saw any improvement but I had fun nonetheless.  We were getting attacked by mosquitos and getting hungry so we decided to head over to Wahoo Fire and Ice Grill for those Wednesday $2 shark tacos. And the appetizers sounded fabulous so we had to get a couple of those.

Crab Rangoon Dip anyone?

crab rangoon dip

Or perhaps you’d fancy some loaded Potato Ribbons?

potato ribbon mountain

I thought I was pretty hungry so I ordered two shark tacos. Since the coconut shrimp appetizer we had last week from Wahoo was a little disappointing with only 5 shrimps we thought all the appetizers were pretty small. Boy were we wrong! I ended up just eating one of my tacos.

shark taco

Everything was so good. I’m pretty sure I ended up eating most of the crab rangoon dip. Crab bits and cream cheese, yummy! And those wonton chips were delicious with it. I may have also experimented with dipping some of the potato ribbons into it as well.

Ok, so I’m not doing so well on the calories and workouts again. I’m struggling to get myself motivated. I see a great workout online and I think “oh yeah, I can totally fit that in today.” And then it never happens. I’m hoping once I have a consistent schedule after school starts I can begin to fit them into my day. Also, once I have access to the campus gym I feel like I’ll make more time for it.  It’s hard to get motivated to workout at home but once I’m actually at the gym I’m pretty motivated to have a good workout just because I made the effort to even get to the gym.

Anyone have tips on how to get motivated to workout?

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  1. I ALWAYS tell myself that I will feel sooo amazing after the work out. I don’t let inner, lazy GiGi tell me that working out is a waste, inner amazingly active GiGi screams – JUST DO IT… You will have far more energy when it’s over – And it works!

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