Marco…. Polo!

Daniel and I were in Topeka yesterday to have lunch with his mom, sister, and niece. We went to Paisano’s Ristorante, a better version of Olive Garden. I had the Marco Polo which is grilled chicken breast with broccoli, zucchini, and carrots, with fettuccine and garlic. Then it’s smothered in this flavorful almond  cream sauce. Heavenly.

Marco Polo fettuccine chicken almond cream sauce

I actually ate a lot of the salad and breadsticks that come before the meal so once I actually received my dish I was too full to eat much. But that means left overs for today!

Before lunch, we were actually early and it’s right by this big park so we walked around there for a bit. Daniel grew up in Topeka so he knew it well and took me to the carousel.


We decided not to ride it (the music was really loud). But we did take advantage of the Wizard of Oz characters. Here is Daniel being an adorable Dorothy.


I decided to be a cowardly lion.

cowardly lion

Here’s what all I ate yesterday:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Cereal 75
Almond milk 20
Lunch 2 Breadsticks 280
Salad 150
Snack Marco Polo Chicken with almond cream sauce 145
Dinner Chipotle Burrito Bowl 645
Drinks Lemonade (2.5 glasses) 225
Total 1540

So Daniel and I have been slowly moving things to my parents house. There will be a few days between move-in of our new place and the end of our current lease so we’re temporarily storing things at their place. Speaking of “their” place, you may have noticed me referring to it as my mom’s house before. Well that’s because my dad has been working in Germany for 3 years. Yesterday he officially moved home and we picked him up from the air port last night! As a welcome home, Daniel and I are cooking dinner for my parents tonight. We’re having salmon and asparagus and I’m making pecan pie for dessert! Get excited for those recipes tomorrow!

Anyway back to my point, we were moving some things yesterday so we were too hungry to attempt to find something to cook. We went to Chipotle and I ordered a burrito bowl with brown rice, black and pinto beans, mild and corn salsa, a little bit of sour cream and cheese, and lots of lettuce! I get the same thing every time. I think that’s common. Do you ever order something different each time from Chipotle?

Chipotle Burrito Bowl

After all the moving we ended up not working out. It was definitely tiring lifting heavy wooden furniture. Even though I know I should have made time for it, the important thing is that I was at least up and moving and not sitting around. Every little bit counts.

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