Masterpieces Revealed!

Our pumpkins turned out fabulous — they’re a work of art! Well, at least my mom is proud.

We were considering doing a Lady & the Tramp theme, but decided on a simpler design. Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

disney pumpkins

I google searched some ideas and this design was actually originally suppose to be on just one pumpkin with a heart in between them. You can see it here.  But I decided to make our own templates with a mouse on each pumpkin. Our apartment building gets pretty bright at night with lots of out door lights so I brought them inside for another visual with the lights off.

mickey and minnie mouse pumpkins

I wish we had made the tails a little bigger to see them better, but overall I’m happy with how they turned out! Check out Daniel’s Mickey. A pumpkin seed stuck on the wall inside his pumpkin looks like it could be Mickey’s eye!

Here’s individually for more detail.

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

Mickie Mouse Pumpkin

And together! This was during the day after we finished them.

daytime pumpkins

Ok enough pumpkin photos. How about some basketball photos? Daniel and I went to the K-State women’s game vs. Washburn University last night. And K-State won! We went with his mom who is a Washburn fan so I tried to celebrate internally.

K-State Women's basketball vs. Washburn

Here’s our ladies making a basket!

Bramalage Colesium

And here’s the Bramalage Coliseum during half time. It was pretty empty on a Monday night.  Where’s the support wildcat fans?

Daniel and Rachel

And of course I had to document that we were actually there. Check out the girl giving us a stare in the background. Haha! Oh and excuse our choice of attire. We decided to wear neither purple (K-State) nor blue (Washburn) so that we could be neutral (even though I really wanted K-State to win). And his mom wore pink, so we were all neutral in the end!

Sorry this post is so random tonight. I have not been tracking calories like I wanted to and I have not been working out. I don’t know what happened to my motivation. This week is crazy for me school-wise. Hopefully I can return with some progress! I miss running.  I think it’s been… a month since I’ve gone running? I hope I can still run a mile! I think I’ll make that a goal this weekend to go for a run and see how far I can go.


What workouts have you been doing lately? What has been motivating you?

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