Ah, Monday came quickly. I wish weekends were longer. Here’s my food update from Sunday:

Green tea with coconut milk

String cheese X 2 {that’s the last of my stock so no more for me from now on =( }

A handful of grapes and cantaloupe

Some veggie pasta with the left over cheese-less Alfredo sauce

veggie pasta with cheese-less alfredo

It’s a serving of veggies for each portion! Score.

Veggie pasta

And then my parents took me and Daniel to Famous Dave’s for dinner. I ordered with the Cedar Plank Salmon with steamed broccoli and pineapple. They were the suggested sides in the menu for a “light” meal because each side is 100 calories or less. I ate half the salmon, all of the broccoli and cornbread muffin, and half of the pineapple. The rest I saved for leftovers.

cedar plank salmon Famous Dave's

Then later that night I had a bowl of cereal with coconut milk. It was the off-brand fruity pebbles. Not super healthy but it hit the spot.

For exercise, Daniel and I walked around town since it was so nice out. We probably went at least a couple miles. I think we walked for about an hour. It was nice to get outside and we enjoyed observing the houses and discussing which ones we liked or didn’t and what we’d want in a house some day. Definitely a big front porch! We’re both a fan of bungalows.

Alright, this is a rushed post because it’s my bed time. Goodnight!

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