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First day down!  The result: I went over my calories yesterday by 59!  Ok, in reality I didn’t add my workout in so that probably makes up for it but seeing that little red negative 59 on myfitnesspal irks me a bit.

So here’s my food diary from yesterday:

Cornflakes 100 cal
Almond milk 30 cal

Stir fry noodles, tilapia, veggies 450 cal

Watermelon 46 cal
Tortilla, almond butter, honey, 1/2 banana 423 cal
*this is where I went wrong!*

Morningstar burger 120 cal
2 slices of Sara Lee 45 Calorie Bread 90 cal

= 1,259 cal

Not too bad for the first day but I probably should have chosen a better snack. On myfitnesspal if you add your exercise it will calculate the calories burned and actually add that back in to the food calories you consume.  I just did some simple strength training yesterday for about 15 minutes which is roughly 45 calories burned. It just didn’t seem like enough to add to my food diary.

Below is my workout from yesterday. I used a medicine ball but feel free to use any amount of weight you feel comfortable with (you could even use water bottles or cans of food if you don’t own weights).

Here is my 12 lb medicine ball:

photo (2)

Ain’t he a beaut?

Squats: Hold the ball in each hand at waist level with feet shoulder width apart.  Lower into a squat making sure your knees don’t go over you feet (i.e. try to sit back into more to avoid leaning too far forward). Return to starting position. Do 10 reps.

Biceps: Stand up straight with feet hip width apart. Hold ball in front of chest and lift straight up until arms straighten. Return to starting position. Do 10 reps.

Triceps: Standing up, hold ball behind your head with elbows bent by ears. Keeping elbows where they are, straighten your arms. Return to starting position. Do 10 reps.

Abs/Obliques: Sit on the ground leaning back a bit with legs bent in front of you. Hold the ball at chest level. Twist torso to the right touching the ball to the ground beside you then twist to the left touching the ball to the ground and return back to center. That is one rep. Do 10. To make it harder, lean back farther or lift your feet off of the ground.

Biceps: Lay flat on your back, holding the ball in front of your chest. Lift the ball straight up so it is perpendicular to your body. Return to starting position. Do 10 reps.

Repeat each exercise 3 times.

It was a simple exercise that involved arms, abs, and legs.  Using a medicine ball is very versatile. I would like to purchase some more free weights though. Currently, I only have 5 pounders. 10 lbs would be ideal for me right now.

Well that’s all I have for now. I’ll be back with my Before photos later! Don’t get too excited, they’re nothing special (my boyfriend would beg to differ though, and that’s why I keep him around).

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