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Alright, time to get back into this thing! I’m pretty excited because now that I posted My Confessions, I’ve actually been doing a lot better about exercising and eating healthier! (Minus some pizza I had Friday night and some Burger King I had last night….)

Here’s what I’ve been doing lately:

I’ve been trying to exercise every day by either doing a Jillian Michaels video or cardio. She’s hardcore! I’ve been alternating between her 30 Day Shred Level 1 video and her Six Weeks Six Pack video. They are great! I’ve also been trying to get in some running. Usually it’s just been a couple miles a week–one mile a day just to get me back in to it. I don’t want to cause any injuries by having too many miles too soon. I did go 2.5 miles yesterday and it felt great! I think I’ll do a couple miles for another week and then up it to three and so on.

For food I’ve decided to take a new approach. I liked documenting everything I ate from each day but finding the calories and posting it was a lot of effort–especially if it was something obscure that MyFitnessPal didn’t have in their database or if it was a strange portion size. So I will continue to post everything I eat but I will not be adding the calorie content. To lose weight it’s all about calories In VS. calories OUT. But I think as long as I’m eating a relatively “clean” diet and exercising regularly, I should be able to reach my goals without calorie counting. By “clean” I mean lots of fruits and vegetables to fill out my diet with limited process foods.

I’m going to miss string cheese so much–and dairy in general, but there are so many sources of calcium elsewhere so I’m sure I’ll reach the recommended daily intake of 1000 mg. Here are a couple articles I found on plant-based sources: Non-Dairy Foods With Calcium and 18 Surprising Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium. So many possibilities! I think I will still have the occasional greek yogurt, but I’ve pretty much eliminated them from my smoothie making regime. Lately, I’ve been digging the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie over fruit smoothies. I mean, helloooo chocolate! I’ll have the occasional shredded cheese on a taco and feta on my salad, but I won’t be including it into my every day diet. Whole foods in, processed foods out!

Now, what am I going to do about that sweet tooth of mine? I think I’m going to stock up on some dark chocolate Toblerone again and allow myself to have a piece or two a day. That used to be enough for me, and really helped me stay on track by keeping my cravings in check. I don’t want to end up binge eating later on sweets by restricting myself when I have a little craving. It’s all about moderation.

So here’s my day in review of yesterday:

Made some iced green tea with some vanilla coconut milk mixed in. It was yummy!

Worked out by doing TWO 7-minute workouts I found on YouTube. My friend Ashley told me about an app you can download for the 7-minute workout but instead I found several that demonstrate it online. I did both on them back-to-back with a short rest in between. They are very similar but I like the second one better because it’s an actual person going through the motions with you.

Then I made the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie linked above. I didn’t feel like that was enough for breakfast so I cooked up two eggs with some dried parsley, garlic powder, and paprika sprinkled on them.

Later, I was over at my mom’s catching up with her and we each drank a bottled Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. I had forgotten how delicious those are.

For a snack, I ate a few grapes and some carrots and cauliflower with some hummus.

Then Daniel and I went for a 2.5 mile run. It was so nice out I even wore shorts and a tank top. Spring has arrived! I made sure to stretch well afterwards.

For dinner, Daniel and I made this tasty looking dish—>

Cheese-Free Alfredo Alternative Spaghetti SquashIt is spaghetti squash with a cashew-based “Alfredo” sauce and sautéed veggies. It was delicious! The sauce recipe is a mashup of several I found online. It has white beans, cashews, garlic, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, white wine, and water in it. It didn’t really taste like Alfredo but it was a nice creamy sauce! It made quite a bit so I have extra to make with pasta today.

Then Daniel and I had some friends over and I drank these:

mang-o-ritasExcuse the poor picture quality and my chipped nail polish. I really like this flavor! And of course I had to use my fancy margarita glass. Those are reusable ice cubes in the glass in case you were confused. I found them at Bed Bath & Beyond. No water-downed drinks for me!

I had a few of them…. So I’ll be cutting back on alcohol for sure. Unnecessary calories! I only want to put food in me that will fuel my body.

So then drunk munchies lead to Burger King chicken tenders and fries. Oops.

I hope you had a fun, albeit more healthier Saturday too!

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