Noodles With Some Company

Yesterday was 100 degrees outside and I was dying. Literally. Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic but Daniel and I went running around the city park and I noticed something: no one else was out running. Hmm that’s odd. We were the only crazy kids asking for a heat stroke apparently.  We made it two miles before I felt like I was over heating and about to short circuit. We followed the trail of trees for shade to the splash playground and ran through the water to cool down. I was soaked! After that my running shoes were all squishy from the water and we were still exhausted so we finished the last lap by walking.

After a cold shower and a smoothie we headed to JoAnn’s for some fabric. I am making my first attempt at reupholstering some chairs and stools! I’ll let you all know how that goes. I’m really excited to update my old kitchen table for my new apartment I’m moving into next month! I also  bought some stools off craigslist for it but one has some tiny black spots on the tan fabric so I’m just gonna replace it. All the fabric together for 4 chairs and 2 stools was $15! Not bad, not bad at all.

Alright, here’s Tuesday’s food diary:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Corn Flakes 100
Almond Milk 30
Snack Graham crackers 120
Lunch Smoothie 150
Dinner Noodles & Co. Bangkok Curry 400
shrimp 40
Drinks Mixed drinks 200
Snack Lots of popcorn 175
Total 1215

I did pretty well yesterday considering I had some friends in town. My past room mate, Jen, and her fiancé, Clayton, were in town so of course we had to reminisce about the old days and have a few drinks. I have been trying to cut out alcoholic drinks from my lifestyle, mainly because it is unnecessary calories and because I don’t like the way I feel the next day, all dehydrated and whatnot.

If you looked closely at what I ate and not just my total calories you’ll see I ate at Noodles & Company (hence my post title). Unfortunately I don’t have a mouthwatering picture of my own from yesterday but I found this picture online from Fox21 News.


And guess what? Chef Ross Kamen from Noodles & Company showed them how to make it. The entire recipe and instructions can be found here. Since I’m a fan of a lot of veggies I would double up on the broccoli, carrots, and red peppers. I don’t like mushrooms so I would leave those out, but to each their own.

Something I need to work on is incorporating more fresh veggies into my diet. I eat a decent amount of cooked vegetables but you get more nutrients if they are raw. Good thing we went shopping yesterday.

Here’s what was in my cart:
1 Cucumber
1 Green pepper
Almond milk
Roma tomatoes
Orange juice

You’ll notice we don’t really buy processed foods. The closer it is to coming straight from the farm, the better.

Ok I know I have failed you with my weigh-in and my measurements. I don’t have a scale or measuring tape yet (both are at my mom’s house). I will hopefully be able to have that information by tomorrow. Trust me, I can’t wait to see if I’ve made any progress. I feel like I’ve stuck to my diet pretty well considering it was a holiday last week.

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  1. Good for you! Pretty sure I drank my weight in alcohol last night but still alive today. I love you and thank you again for having us last night! I’m a follower now so I can keep up with you and Daniel!

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