Not Dead

Hey guys! Still alive here.  Just uber busy.

I’m doing that whole applying for internships/career fair/interview/better-do-your-research-to-impress-employers thing. So as you can see I don’t have a life right now.  But don’t fret, I’ll be back with the regular programming soon!  However, my evenings are pretty full.  One of my applications suggested a cover video and I’m actually extremely excited to make one.  Except it’s due friday…. nothing like last minute!

But I just have to tell you real quick — I went on a trail run today! It was soooo much fun!  Way better than running around in circles at the park.  If you have any fun trails near you, take advantage of them!

Alright, bed time so I can stock up on energy for my busy day tomorrow. Have a great night!

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