The Opposite of Meal Planning & Upcoming Race!

Happy Thursday! Here’s a two-for-one update!


Breakfast, I took a banana to my first class and then snacked on some cashews in my second class for the morning.

For lunch I enjoyed my left over Chipotle veggie bowl.

After my afternoon class, I was hungry and snacked on a brownie. To get some of the sweets out of the house I took some brownies and cookies over to my mom. But don’t worry, I saved a few to enjoy for myself still!

Then I FINALLY went running again! 3 miles! Have I mentioned I have a race Saturday I need to train for?

It’s called the Powercat Paint Run. It’s basically a color run but it’s put on by the Manhattan Running Company to benefit the Ronald McDonald Houses in Topeka and Wichita, KS. It’s a 5k so I think I’ll be able to run it the whole time. The course looks pretty flat and I was able to run those three miles Tuesday without stopping! I think my time was a little over 30 minutes so that’s almost a 10-minute mile. I’m pretty slow nowadays.

I’m super pumped for this race though. My friends from class mentioned it so we formed two teams that signed up for it. If you have a 5 person team you can get an entry discount. It’ll be fun to hang out with them some more outside of class. Also, it’s Daniel’s birthday this Saturday so I’m making him and some of his friends that are coming into town race with us.

After my run I was starving and Daniel was getting home from work so we went to Panera. I had a little money left on a gift card from my birthday so I decided I needed to use it up. I always get the Pick-2 and this time chose the Napa Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich and the Thai Chicken salad. I ended up just eating the salad–it was surprisingly really filling–and saved the sandwich for my lunch wednesday.

Thai Chicken salad

So that brings me to


I took a fruit smoothie to work for breakfast and then had my leftover Panera for lunch. With a brownie for dessert =P

napa almond chicken salad sandwich

We really suck at meal planning and pizza sounded good so I bought a frozen one from the grocery store.

organic roasted vegetable pizza

It’s organic! I like that I can understand everything on the ingredient list. There was nothing you wouldn’t expect: crust, cheese, sauce, and veggies. It was tasty and filling. I ate more than half of it and left the rest for Daniel since he gets home later than me.

I didn’t get around to exercising yesterday but I plan to get one more run in today before the race saturday. Daniel went running this morning while I was in class and did 2 miles in 18 minutes! He said his first mile was about 8 minutes and then he slowed it down. I hate that he can run that fast without even training. Jerk.

Anyone have a race coming up?

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