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The 7-Day Meal Plan

It’s here! I am so excited to share what I’ve been working on for all of you. This meal plan is jam-packed with recipes that, honestly, will last you more than just one week because we like cooking enough for several days. BUT I decided you deserved variety because not everyone knows that there are a plethora of delicious whole food, plant-based recipes out there, so I wanted to showcase some of my favorites. Here’s […]



I know. Sounds boring, right? The second I mention I’m vegan, that’s all I hear. ‘Oh, so you eat, like, salads?’ Well, yeah. But I also eats LOADS of other stuff. I just happen to like salads. And so should you! Leafy greens have the highest nutrient density per calorie. We should be eating a large salad every day. Not as a side, but as a meal. That’s the only way to pack in a majority […]


Breakfast Hash

Do you love hash browns but can’t seem to enjoy it without a good douse of ketchup? I can’t stand plain hash browns but I also don’t want to fill up on ketchup that’s full of sugar and sodium either. And don’t get me started on all of the oil that the hash browns have added to them. That’s why we created this breakfast hash that doesn’t need anything added. And it’s sooo good! It’s […]


Snacks on a Plane

Do you ever feel even more sluggish than usual while traveling? For me, I always went for the quick, easy, not-even-the-slightest-bit-healthy kind of snacks. This included chips, cookies, candies, crackers–you know, the four-C’s. But every time I traveled and ate like this, my digestion was off, I felt bloated, and pretty sure I gained several unwanted pounds. Nowadays, I still enjoy the salty and sweet snacks but choose healthier options that actually give me energy […]


Hey there! I'm Rachel, and this is where I like to dispel nutrition myths by providing the facts backed by science. I am here to show you that eating healthy is easy AND delicious and protects more than just your waistline! This is my journey to find optimum health and happiness in all aspects of life!