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High School Reunion

So yesterday was absolutely fabulous. As you know, a good friend was married yesterday.  Afterwards, my friends and I met at a local bistro for lunch.  I had this amazing fresh spinach and fruit salad with vinaigrette. There was granola and feta in it. Yum! Later that night we headed to Dhithya’s house for the sleep over.  Crazy side story, but Dhithya’s family lives in the house I grew up in. No lie! My parents […]



Guess what I’m up to today! Let’s see, it’s a saturday, it’s the summer…. a wedding! Yep. A dear friend from high school was married today.  I loved how non-traditional it was, they had donuts instead of cake! Check it out: Maple on chocolate and lavender with coconut topping.  You may be surprised but I only ate one donut! Yeah, I’m hardcore (just kidding, I totally have no self control usually). I think it’s because […]


No Short Cuts

This never happens but yesterday I was so caught up with re-staining my chairs I forgot to eat lunch! I did have a few snacks though. In case you’re considering doing some staining of your own, don’t use a 2-in-1 stain + poly! We’re definitely newbies because we didn’t shake up the can very well so it wasn’t very dark, then today we stir it thoroughly and now it’s super dark and thick and looks […]


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Errr… I mean Breakfast at Rachel’s. There’s no fancy jewelry, dresses, or Audrey Hepburn sadly, but there is breakfast in bed! That’s right, my handsome man made me breakfast while I slept in.  Pancakes with strawberries and bananas and scrambled eggs. And no, the pancakes weren’t from a mix. That’s right, he had to go to the store and get the ingredients to make it from scratch. What a guy. He found the recipe at […]


Hey there! I'm Rachel, and this is where I like to dispel nutrition myths by providing the facts backed by science. I am here to show you that eating healthy is easy AND delicious and protects more than just your waistline! This is my journey to find optimum health and happiness in all aspects of life!