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Noodles With Some Company

Yesterday was 100 degrees outside and I was dying. Literally. Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic but Daniel and I went running around the city park and I noticed something: no one else was out running. Hmm that’s odd. We were the only crazy kids asking for a heat stroke apparently.  We made it two miles before I felt like I was over heating and about to short circuit. We followed the trail of trees for […]


Make You Strawberry/Blueberry Pancakes…

…Pretend like it’s the weekend now. Jack Johnson anyone? Ok, the song is banana pancakes, but I had something even better. Strawberry/blueberry pancakes! Seriously, kids, try this at home. So yesterday I actually mustered the strength to work out again. Daniel was being lazy so I went on a run with out him. In my neighborhood there are a lot of hills nearby to run up so I took advantage of that. What a workout! […]


You Shall Not Arugula

So after a busy day attending a wedding in KC we headed to Topeka to spend time with friends at their lake house.  In the morning our host made us a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast. Don’t worry I only had one strip of bacon! Then it was off to Manhattan so I could blog, clean my car, and buy some groceries.  Speaking of cleaning cars, does anyone have a suggestion of how […]


Tomato Basil Wontons

As promised, here is the recipe for these simple, delicious wontons. What’s in it: 12 Wonton wrappers 1/2 cup Shredded Low-Moisture Part-Skim Mozerella Cheese 2 Roma tomatoes, diced 1/4 cup thinly sliced basil leaves Directions: Heat oven to 350ºF. Lightly spray a muffin pan with olive oil. Place one wonton wrapper in each cup, pressing lightly to form a bowl. Divide half the cheese and place in the bottom of each cup, then add the […]


Hey there! I'm Rachel, and this is where I like to dispel nutrition myths by providing the facts backed by science. I am here to show you that eating healthy is easy AND delicious and protects more than just your waistline! This is my journey to find optimum health and happiness in all aspects of life!