Pumpkin Patch

Our outdoorsy day took a little different turn than what I mentioned yesterday.  We did go on a great run. FOUR miles! Instead of running around the park the whole time we swung around it and then up a hill. It was tough and once we made it up the hill we had to walk a little.  We went two miles and then turned around and ran the same route back.  It was a nice change up! And the downhill part was a breeze!

We ended up not going hiking in the Konza or mini golfing. Manhattan has an annual Pumpkin Patch that was going on and I did not want to miss it.  It’s not a typical drive out to a pumpkin patch with hay rides. It’s actually more of a craft show but with lots of pumpkins.  Most of it is outside so that was the outdoorsy part.  We ended up buying some fancy jam (dandelion and raspberry jalapeño), some candles (butternut pumpkin and hot orange danish), some earrings that perfectly matched the ring Daniel got me for my graduation last may (crazy awesome), and some caramel kettle corn. A successful day! And we ran into a lot of people we knew there.  It’s a popular place!

I’m currently warming my butternut pumpkin candle right now. It smells soooo good!  It’s not really a candle, it’s those wax melts that you use in Scentsy burners.  It officially smells like fall in my apartment. Now I just need some fall decorations! We were going to buy pumpkins but all of the big ones were gone by the time we got there.  It was the last day and the last hour.

Alright, back to calorie tracking. Saturday’s Meals:

Meal Food Calories
Lunch Pulled pork sandwich with awesome sauce and coleslaw 350
Snack Kudos bar 100
Peach, apple, pretzels, crackers and jam 30
Drink Grande Soy Chai Latte with pumpkin spice 260
Dinner Bolos Fajita Quesadilla 450
Drinks 2 beers and o bomb 250
Total 1440

The host of the Grad Student Association BBQ from Saturday was so generous in giving everyone some leftovers. In fact, we have enough to still eat more of it! He’s a second year grad student and a grill master! He made all the sauce himself.  There was a sweet bbq sauce and a spicy balsamic sauce.  I mixed them together. It was tasty!

pulled pork

I added coleslaw on top per his suggestion.  Apparently that’s a thing. Have you ever done that? It’s really good.

For dinner, Daniel and I were out and about aka Starbucks, which is right next to Coco Bolos, a local favorite that boast flavors from Gulf Coast South Texas and Southern New Mexico.  I hadn’t been there in a while and we were getting hungry.  Everything sounded good but I finally decided on the Bolos Fajita Quesadilla with chicken.  I let Daniel have one of my slices.  It was really filling and I couldn’t finish it all.

fajita quesadilla

I took an online test yesterday evening, so I of course needed some reward for doing it on a Saturday night.  Daniel and I decided to hit the bar scene with some of his friends. I had a couple beers and an O-bomb.  Definitely a nice relaxer after a 2 hour test and a nice end to a great outdoorsy-ish Saturday.

Alright, so I realized that I haven’t updated my measurements since I first took them back in July. Good news! I’ve actually lost some inches! I didn’t think it would really show since I’ve only lost about 5 lbs but that equals 6 inches off!

Measurements Before After Inches Lost
Neck 13.0 13.0 0.0
Waist 30.0 29.0 1.0
Love handles 36.5 35.5 1.0
Hips 39.0 38.0 1.0
Right thigh 23.5 22.5 1.0
Left thigh 23.5 22.5 1.0
Right calf 14.5 14.0 0.5
Left calf 14.5 14.0 0.5
Right arm 10.5 10.5 0.0
Left arm 10.5 10.5 0.0
Total Inches Lost     6.0

I forgot to measure my arms the first time so I just made my current measurement the original.  These are all measured at the widest part, while relaxed.  No flexing or sucking in. I’m happy to see some improvement!

Today, we have a couple people over to watch the Chiefs game. I have no commitments today and it feels so good! I can do whatever I want! Don’t you just love those days?

Anybody watching some football today? Or finally have a day to do whatever you want?

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