Quick Update & Even Quicker Strength Workout

Quick update! Gotta study! And sleep! So tired!

Ok, enough exclamations. Monday’s meals:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Corn Flakes 100
Almond Milk 30
Snack Fiber One bar 90
Lunch Scrambled eggs and mango salsa 280
Snack Almonds 180
Dinner 3 ribs with raspberry sauce 382
Vegetable medley 120
Raw veggies and ranch 120
Total 1302

My parents gave us some left over ribs from Sunday so I reheated them in the oven with a good smother of that chipotle raspberry sauce. Ohhhh yeaaaahhhhh.

ribs and raspberry sauce

Then, we had a bunch of vegetables so I decided to make a vegetable medley dish of sorts.  I wasn’t sure what kind of seasonings would be good but I added a little ground red pepper, garlic powder, and basil.  Then I added some soy and teriyaki sauce.  It would have been better with rice as a stir fry.  I want to try to recreate a vegetable medley I had at my best friend’s wedding last year.  That’s right, Charissa, I still dream about that meal, haha!  It had squash and carrots and maybe another veggie that I can’t remember right now but it was delicious!  I’m going to do some research so I can recreate it.  But it’ll have to wait until this weekend of course — I need to be studious first.

Workout Recap

I decided it was finally time to do some strength training. Here’s what I did:

10 push ups

20 squats

20 lunges

20 leg curls

10 burpees

repeat 2x (because I’m lazy)

I’m not sure why but after one round I get bored/impatient so doing multiple is hard for me.  I do feel a little burn today though! Especially in my arms.  I switched it up with pushups and did them reverse.  This means starting on the ground and pushing your body up and then slowly lowering it back to the ground.  I feel it way more than in regular pushups.  I always feel strain in my shoulders than actual arm muscles working when I do regular pushups so I may adopt this pushup version for a while.

Well have a great night everyone! And go try ribs with raspberry sauce. Seriously. It’s amazing. Goodnight!

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