Reached A Goal!

Another week has flown by. Where is the time going? Well, another week and another weigh-in. Last week I was 129.0 and I said I wanted to finally reach 128 or 127.  Well, I did it! This morning I was 127.2 lb. Woohoo! I’m really not sure what I did different to finally get out of the 130 plateau I had been on for almost a month but I’m happy.  I didn’t really work out this week. Oops. However, my average calories per day have been the lowest ever, so that must have been the contributing factor.

First let’s take a look at Saturday’s calories:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Corn Flakes 100
Almond milk 30
Lunch Brown rice 100
Fiber One bar 90
2nd Lunch Spinach and fruit salad 125
Dinner Veggie burger with guac 100
Chips and guac 200
Drinks Straw-ber-ritas and beer 400
Drunk Snack THE SANDWICH 400
Total 1545

At the grocery store yesterday, I picked up some similar items that Ashley had gotten because they were sounding good. Like some veggie burgers and guac! I usually buy MorningStar but I compared it with Boca, and Boca was less calories, less sodium, and more protein! I decided to give them a try. I chose the original Vegan Veggie Burger. I put some fresh guac on it. Doesn’t look pretty?

veggie burger and guac

Well, unfortunately it didn’t taste pretty. In fact, there wasn’t much flavor other than the guac. I think I like the flavor of MorningStar a lot more.  But the gauc was sooo good! I did some damage on that with tortilla chips. Yum!

It was a low calorie day until I started drinking. And of course with drinking comes the necessary SANDWICH at the end of the night. Mac n’ Cheese Grilled Cheese with Bacon. What’s not to love?


Workout Recap

Daniel wasn’t feeling well yesterday morning. He went out with his cousin Friday night. So no CrossFit saturday =( Hopefully we can try it next week!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap Up

My average is the closest to 1200 that it has ever been! I wish I had gotten more exercising in but I’m proud to have stayed closer to my calorie goals. I hope to keep it up this week as well but incorporate more workouts into my routine. I have a two tests and an interview, so we’ll see how well I can time manage.

I’ll be back later today with Ashley’s Before Photos!!

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