Hello hello, all you wonderful people on this glorious Monday! I’m not sure why I’m in such a chipper mood (it was first day of classes after all). But here I am to grace you with my virtual presence. Let’s jump to it, shall we?


Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Corn Flakes 100
Almond milk 40
Lunch Ham Sandwich 180
Green Tea Latte (small) 140
Dinner Zucchini pizza 150
Tortilla pizza 140
Tomato Basil Wontons 192
Dessert No-Bake Almond Joy Cookie 155
Total 1097

Under calories AND had a cookie. That’s what I’m talking about. Also, I ran 2 miles! I was sweating buckets yesterday and couldn’t go on after 2 miles. I think I was a wee bit dehydrated because once I got home I pretty much sprawled out on the floor and couldn’t get up for 20 minutes. I made Daniel bring me a glass of water. I’m thinking I need to invest in one of those water bottles you carry with you on your arm. Either a Nathan Handheld or an Amphipod Handheld. Anybody prefer one over the other? Or even a different brand?

So you’re probably wondering what a Zucchini Pizza is. Well, my friends. It is simply a zucchini used as the crust for pizza.


zucchini pizza

Ingenious right?! I’ve had this a couple times now and love it. It’s easier than making real pizza and it’s healthier! I pinned it a long time ago but basically cut your zucchini into slices any way you want. I prefer the long the way. You want them about 1/4 inch thick — thick enough to hold up to all your toppings.  I cook it on the stove over medium heat on one side for 4-5 minutes and then flip it. Top it with sauce and cheese (and anything else to your liking) and cook for another 4-5 minutes or until the cheese is starting to melt. Ta-daaa!!!!

Now you’re probably wondering what Tortilla Pizza is?! Well it’s just a tortilla topped with pizza sauce and cheese and lightly cooked on the stove until the cheese melts (like a quesadilla).

And of course last night we had to have some Tomato Basil Wontons. Seriously, folks, if you haven’t made them yet you should.

tomato basil wontons

I’m also addicted to those No-Bake Almond Joy Cookies from Carrots’n’Cake. I had to have them again so I made them last night. I promised Daniel I’d only eat one a day but I’ve already had one today and I’m craving ANOTHER. Someone stop me!

Almond Joy No-Bake Cookies

Alright, it’s time to reevaluate my plan. Today was the end of my goal to lose 10 lbs by the time school started. Well unfortunately I only lost 5 lbs. That’s definitely a start in the right direction though. I know I made a lot of bad decisions. I ate too many sweets, I over-ate a lot, and I didn’t workout enough. I really wanted to workout more but I just couldn’t find the motivation. Some days were better. A lot of the time I looked to Daniel to give me that push to workout, but sometimes he didn’t even want to so working out was put on the back burner. I need to learn to make time for it and not always rely on others to do it.

I’m not going to let this failure get to me though. I’m not going to let it set me back from all that I’ve accomplished in the past 8 weeks.  Not only did I lose 5 pounds, but I can run for over 4 miles without stopping. I also feel a little more flexible but I still need to work on stretching every day.

So I’m setting a new goal to work towards. By October 31st I want to lose 10 more lbs. That would be a total of 15 pounds lost. This was my ultimate goal to lose a total of 15 pounds. This will give me almost 10 weeks to do it. That’s a pound a week. Now that school has started I can utilize the Rec Center for working out and getting stronger. Hopefully I can stay on track and not stray. And hopefully I can balance school, work, the blog, and working out! Don’t worry about me if I end up going insane from all the stress. It’ll probably happen at some point this semester.

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