Sweet Sweets

Yesterday was a very busy day! I had class, then I worked, then I had a test, and then I had a networking event that I needed to go to for a class. I think the test went really well, and I got someone’s business card! Success!

I made Daniel go to the networking event with me.  It was a BBQ put on by Phillips 66.  They had cookies… I KNOW! I think I just need to stop saying “no sweets” because that always sets me up for failure. I need a new tactic.

Thursday foods:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Toaster waffles and syrup 200
Snack Quaker Banana Bread cookie 150
Lunch Spaghetti squash and sauce 240
Baked beans 382
Dinner Chicken sandwich 180
Dessert Cookie 150
Jelly beans 150
Total 1452

The Quaker Banana Bread cookie was given to me by one of my supervisors. It’s basically banana bread in the shape of a cookie.  Pretty tasty!

Oh, and the jelly beans were a belated graduation gift from a friend so OF COURSE I had to try them…. right? They’re so good! They’re the Wonka Sweetart brand. The blue ones are my favorite.

Soooo yeah.  But on a random note: I read this pamphlet today that was being passed out on campus and it makes me not want to eat meat anymore.  It brought back all the memories of watching Food Inc. on Netflix (really good documentary by the way!).  The pamphlet was all about animal cruelty in big production farms and how protection laws against animal cruelty for pets should be applied towards farms as well.  It was so saddening!

The fight against animal cruelty

Ok, well I have friends over now to celebrate the weekend. Have a fabulous friday night!

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