Although I don’t count calories, I have been curious lately how many I’ve been eating. When I heard about other female vegan bloggers/vloggers and how many calories they consume on a daily basis (mostly in the 2000+ range!) I became intrigued. Wow! Can they really eat that much? Do I eat that much? And we’re talking some fine fit ladies here so I was curious to see where I fell on the spectrum.

So on Sunday I tracked everything I ate to see what I was getting. I used Cronometer because they give you a breakdown of both macro and micronutrients.

Here’s my overview:

Food Diary Overview

I hit 88% of my targets overall. Iron, calcium, and folate were below target but, had I not been at a calorie deficit, I likely would have been close to or surpassed them. As for B12, I’m not worried about that yet because our bodies can recycle B12 for years and most plant-based milks are fortified with it. However, I do plan to take a B12 supplement in the near future just because even someone on a Standard American Diet can be deficient in it.

So now on to what I actually ate:

Food Diary 1.29.17

This isn’t in any particular order, just what I ate as it came to mind. For some clarity, I broke down the meals I ate below.

Oatmeal with fresh fruit

Fresh spring rolls with thai peanut sauce

A banana with peanut butter
Pretzel sticks

A big salad topped with cucumber, black olives, walnuts, and Dorothy Lynch salad dressing
Sweet potato stew with kale, carrots, corn, green beans, and mushrooms

This was a pretty average day, although, it was a weekend when I’m at home and tend to eat healthier. Work has too many tempting snacks (fruit roll ups, wheat thins, peanut butter pretzel bites–oh my!). But as mentioned from my resolutions update, I am working to be better prepared on those days.

But the real takeaway in all of this is that I wanted to show how you can get all of the nutrients you need on this plant-based diet and more–check out that fiber and Vitamin C! And not an orange in sight. The thing is, although it is important to make sure you’re not over or under eating in calories, the main thing is to focus on micronutrients. If you’re eating WHOLE PLANT-BASED FOODS, you should be able to hit your micronutrient goals without over eating in calories. Why? Because whole plant foods are nutrient dense, not calorie dense. You will get full before you can over eat. That’s the beauty of this lifestyle. And the foods are so tasty! Just look at this amazing lentil soup I’m enjoying tonight.

Vegan Lentil Soup

So here are my nutrient results from the day:
Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 7.50.00 PM

Just some items of note, I jogged outside for thirty minutes that day so I easily reached my Vitamin D quota just by sunshine alone. And look how easily I hit my Omega-3-6 by adding flaxseed to my oatmeal!

My protein intake wasn’t too shabby either. The Recommended Dietary Allowance is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. That’s about 46 grams of protein for the average woman. Although I didn’t quite make it, I also didn’t reach my recommended calorie intake. Had I done that, my protein would have hit it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 7.50.14 PM

I also want to be transparent and keep it real. So speaking of real, on Saturday I ate an entire bag of chips #noshame. I sent Daniel to the store hungry and he came back with a bag of chips for each of us (salt & vinegar are the best!). I wasn’t craving chips until they were right there in front of me. I didn’t eat them all in one sitting but every time I walked by the kitchen I grabbed a handful (or three) and by the end of the day the bag was empty. Whoops!

It happens. And you know what? It’s okay. Sometimes you stray off course but don’t let that deter you from getting back on it the next day or even the next meal. Plus, nothing wrong with a little splurge every now and then.

xoxo Rachel

Family Reunion

I had lots of yummy food yesterday. My sister, Sarah, and her husband, Joosung, were in town for a visit. It’s the first time they’ve come for a visit since my father moved back. My dad made some delicious brisket and unfroze a cheesecake for the occasion. Fancy.

brisket and baked beans


My family knows how much I love cheesecake (I could never get sick of it) so they gave me the first piece! If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be cheesecake. I’d get fat and die happy.

Tasty saturday meals:

Meal Food Calories
Lunch Brisket 260
Baked beans 70
Corn mix 35
Marshmallow fruit mix 150
Dessert Cheesecake 285
Drink Grande Soy Iced Chai Latte 240
Dinner Chips and salsa 50
Fajita taco salad 120
Snack Fruit 20
Total 1230

My dad took Daniel and Joosung golfing while us girls went shopping and drank some chai lattes. It’s our drink of choice at Starbucks. Order it with soy milk — you won’t be disappointed!

Then for dinner we all met up for some Mexican food at El Tapatio. I ordered the Fajita Taco Salad. It’s like a normal taco salad but with fajita veggies inside! There wasn’t as much lettuce as I was expecting but it was stilled pretty good! It was so big, I barely made a dent on it. But now I have left overs for today!

Fajita Taco Salad

Now it’s time to look at how I did for the week.

Weekly Wrap-Up August 4th-10th

My average is over 100 calories higher than last week. I also didn’t actually commit to any working out except for Thursday. I forgot to mention it earlier but Daniel and I walked around the park that day. I’m not sure I really did better when it came to my goal of not letting social gatherings cause me to go over my calories significantly. Unless you count eating with my parents as a social gathering because the Popeye’s chicken did me in on wednesday. My goal for this next week is to dedicate more time to working out. I also would like to commit more time to stretching and improving my flexibility so I’m going to try to do yoga every morning and night. It’s time for less sitting and more doing!

Day One of the New Apartment

We are finally getting semi-settled. It always feels weird moving to a new place at first. I wonder how long it will take until this place feels like home.  Our apartment is still a mess so once everything’s put away I’ll provide those before and after photos.

So on move-in day we needed something fast and easy for lunch so we grabbed some Burger King. Fast food is packed with calories and my diet took a toll. What I would consider a fairly small meal was over 800 calories. I had 3 chicken strips, a small order of fries, one packet of honey mustard, and a small tropical mango smoothie. Wow. Good thing I was going up and down a lot of stairs that day (we live on the 3rd floor). Then for dinner we decided Chipotle would be delicious and easy. I didn’t eat much yesterday but it added up fast!

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Cereal 80
Almond milk 20
Lunch BK chicken strips, mango smoothie, fries, honey mustard 860
Dinner Chipotle Burrito Bowl 470
Total 1430

Alright, now for the juicy stuff. So today is my one year anniversary with Daniel. It’s crazy that I met him a little over a year ago and we’re already moving in together. It just feels right. I love that crazy kid. So I thought we were going to exchange gifts today but he decided to surprise me yesterday. After family had left from helping us move I was unpacking boxes and there was this envelope on top that said “I love you Rachel” on it but I just assumed that was the letter Daniel had wrote me back in June when I was in Germany. So I just moved it to the side while I unpacked other stuff.  I saw it again when I was unpacking a different box but didn’t notice and moved it to the side again. Finally Daniel said, “what’s that?” pointing to the envelope in the box and I scooped it up and said, “that’s mine!” all jokingly possessive. Until I realized that this was a different envelope than what the letter had been in. It was stiffer with a card inside. I opened it up and there hanging in the card was a beautiful pearl necklace! That sneaky boy! I fail at being surprised apparently. Isn’t it normal to just have a bunch of envelopes that say “I love you Rachel” hanging around?


It’s not the best quality photo but you get the idea. My man did good!

As being Queen of Procrastination, I didn’t allow myself time to think of a creative delivery for Daniel’s gift so I decided while he was busy unloading the car with stuff to hide his gifts in the apartment and play the “hot and cold” game with him. I told him they were hidden somewhere and he had to find them. If he was far from them I said he was “cold” and as he got closer I said he was getting “warmer” and then “hot.” He found them pretty fast. In the bathroom I hid some cologne (Dolce & Gabbana Sport [Mmmm smells so good!]) . And in the living room I hid a mini wooden chess board that I found in Germany. We have yet to play but he plays chess way more often than I do so he’ll probably beat me. I gotta get some practice in!

Anyway I have some good recipes for you all tomorrow! We decided to do some cooking for our anniversary instead of spending a lot on a fancy dinner.  Definitely a good choice. My man made dinner and I baked dessert!