My Sloppy Seconds

Keeping to my goals, I ran 3.5 miles yesterday! It was tough and hot so on the last mile Daniel and I decided to walk and talk. Then later in the evening we decided to go on another walk around town and went about 4 miles!

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Cereal 80
  Almond milk 15
  Egg 100
Lunch Fruit Smoothie 190
  Left over Mango Grilled Chicken Wrap 240
Dessert Left over Cheesecake 300
Dinner Tomato Basil Wontons 192
  Left over Fajita Taco Salad 180
Snack Fruit 15
Total   1312

After the run we had left overs (the mango grilled chicken wrap) and a fruit smoothie. We were running out of supplies so I added a banana, greek yogurt, orange juice, blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple. Ok that doesn’t sound like we’re running out but we were out of almond milk, spinach, and frozen fruit. I added 5 ice cubes to fill it out more and make it nice and cold.

fruit smoothie

We had all that fruit only because my mom gave us a fruit platter that she forgotten to serve on saturday. Yummy fruit!


For dinner we had my left overs from saturday, the Fajita Taco Salad. Then we had all the ingredients for some Tomato Basil Wontons so of course we had to make those. I realize we eat those a lot… They’re just so good! I’m addicted. Is there a Tomato-Basil-Wonton-Eaters Anonymous? If so, you can’t make me go!

tomato basil wontons


So I think I owe you a little weigh-in — it’s been over a week! Ok, so last time I was 132.8 on July 30th.  I’m down to 131.8 lbs. I’ll take it! That’s three pounds down. Not speedy but it’s definitely a healthy weight loss. I wish it was faster. I wanted to be down 10 lbs by the time school started August 26th. I’m not sure I’ll make it. That does make me a little disappointed. I’ve been making some unhealthy decisions and not working out enough. I hope in the next two weeks I can stay on track so I can see some more improvement. It’d be nice to get over that 5 lb mark!

Donuts and Beer…

I’m writing my first blog post on the road! We’re driving back from KC as we speak — err type. Since I’m not on my computer using my spreadsheets to compute my meals and calories I’m just gonna use a list.

Almond milk
Spinach & fruit salad
4 tacos
1/2 funfetti donut
4 Stella Artois

The spinach and fruit salad was our usual bed of spinach topped with fruit, feta, sunflower seeds, and raspberry vinaigrette. It’s always delicious!

Then we went to Porter’s Bar for those 50 cent tacos. Of course. We went with my friend Sushu. Afterwards we walked by Varsity Donuts and I couldn’t resist their enticing aromas. I picked a funfetti donut with sprinkles. I shared it with Sushu and Daniel so I didn’t feel as guilty eating it. It was tasty but to be honest I liked the frosting better than the actual donut.

After hanging with Sushu we left for Topeka to stay the night at Daniel’s sister Kelly’s house. I don’t know whose idea it was but Daniel and I stayed up late with her husband Nelson drinking some Stella, watching Shark Week, and playing darts. It was fun but left me pretty tired for our big day at the amusement parks. I’m exhausted and we’re still an hour away! I’m going straight to bed after a thorough shower. What did you do for fun this Friday?