How Your Diet is Slowly Killing You (And All of Us) Part 1

Have you watched Forks Over Knives yet? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Why hold yourself back from attaining the utmost health? Why not thrive instead of get by? Trust me, you won’t regret it.

I want to discuss why the Standard American Diet (SAD) is slowly killing you. But first, let’s define it. SAD is a diet high in meat, dairy, fat, sugar, and refined and processed junk food. Now, some of those are no-brainers in regards to being unhealthy for you. Most people know that processed meats are bad for us, but what about lean meats like poultry and fish? Both chicken and fish have high levels of cancer-causing chemicals like dioxin, arsenic, and mercury. Not only that, but meat is meat and all of it is full of artery clogging cholesterol and saturated fat. The body produces all of the cholesterol it needs, so you should not be consuming dietary cholesterol, which only comes from animal products. Dietary cholesterol plays a huge role in obesity, Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries due to plaque build-up), heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Basically, it’s the root of all evil. I’ll get more in depth on cholesterol in a later post, but for now, check out this lovely diagram below of your arteries clogging from consuming dietary cholesterol. My heart hurts just looking at it.


Next up, do you ever get achy joints and muscles? Consuming meat is linked to the inflammation. After only one meal of animal products one’s bloodstream becomes flooded with bacterial toxins known as endotoxins. The endotoxins come from the bacteria found in animal products. The bacteria can be cooked but the endotoxins will not be destroyed. Even our bodies enzyme digestion can’t destroy them. This predisposes you to the development of atherosclerosis and insulin resistance. And animal fat helps increase the absorption of endotoxins into the bloodstream.

This is why those on a plant-based diet can recover from a tough workout faster—no endotoxins causing excess inflammation! I’m still often surprised by this fact. After a tough workout I expect to be VERY sore the next day and even the following day, but I only feel a little soreness and it doesn’t inhibit me like it used to (you know, that feeling of sore quads after leg day and how stairs and the toilet are your enemy?!).


Lastly, I want to introduce a easy recommendation to move towards this healthy lifestyle in every post which I’ll compile later in it’s own category for easy referral. Since sometimes it can be a slow progression, let’s call it tiptoeing to health. See my first tip below!

Tiptoe to Health #1


My favorite saying is “no one ever became overweight from eating too much fruit.” I know it’s a lot to take in so if you can make one change, it would be to have fruit for breakfast. All fruit. Have a few bananas. Have apples, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, or oranges. Whichever fruit you fancy. And don’t be afraid to eat several pieces of fruit. Get full. Get energized. Did you know eating one apple gives you more energy in the morning than a cup of coffee? And no crash later! Why? Because when you consume whole fruit with all that fiber, it breaks down slowly and is absorbed over time so there’s no sugar high or crash.

If you’re interested in learning more about this diet, the science behind it, and the success stories of those who have switched to it, I recommend checking out the articles on I’ve read all of them.

I’ll be following up with Part 2 of How Your Diet Is Slowly Killing You next week. xoxo

It’s Netflix’s Fault

I’m a liar! I said I’d be back at it, and I’m completely dropping the ball. Part of me was using the excuse that I didn’t want to post until I had all of my followers moved to the new site (btw if you’re an email follower and you get duplicate emails, I’m sorry! I’m trying out a new carrier so feel free to remove yourself from one of the deliveries), but I was also busy and lazy. If you haven’t seen the show Dexter, you should! It’s crazy good and exciting and has been consuming my evenings when I’m not studying.  Which is probably why I haven’t been working out like I should. Let that be a lesson to you, tv show addictions and work out plans don’t mix! Especially when the episodes available on Netflix. Thanks a lot Netflix!

But I really did have a crazy week. Ok, not that crazy, but very busy! I ended up going running only once (I fail). But I’ve made progress in other aspects of my life. Like prepping for my future career! I was in Dallas yesterday having an interview for a business analysis internship. It’s with a financial holding company. And it looks like that’s where my home will be this summer! They called me this morning to offer the position. I’m so excited to actually see how what I’m learning in grad school can be applied in the corporate world. I’m a big kid now =)

I flew down there for the interview and on both flights I had great conversations! First was with a lady going to Alabama to visit family.  She was so sweet and inspiring and told me how she firmly believes everything happens for a reason and if I get this internship then it’s meant to be. How sweet!

The second was a lady coming back from visiting her mother who is 104! Can you believe it? I told her that was amazing and that her mother is an inspiration! She told me her mom eats mainly fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and lots of salmon (she’s from San Diego so she can get it fresh). Her mother also lives in her own home and walks lot and keeps her mind active. I am seriously in awe. I would love to be that healthy and active when (or if) I’m that age. To be honest, this conversation was probably the highlight of my trip. She was a pleasure to talk with!

I love meeting new people on my plane flights. I’m always a little hesitant to start the conversation but once I get comfortable it’s so fascinating to learn about others’ lives in that brief moment that ours cross paths on a plane. Sorry I’m getting all philosophical on you guys, but it’s really amazing to learn about a random stranger’s life. Right? Ok, it could just be me. But you’ll never know what kind of wisdom they possess if you don’t talk to them!

Alright, back to the regular programming: What have I been eating lately? Surprisingly fairly healthy despite having pizza on Saturday.

My go-to has been veggies wrap such as this. A little hummus spread on a tortilla with cucumber and red pepper.

veggie wrap

I’ve also been enjoying the occasional veggie burger. I topped it with spinach, a little cream cheese, mustard and ketchup. I love the chunks of veggies in the burger! Yum!

veggie burger

I’m currently obsessed with these:

Snack time!

The coconut one is really good too! Don’t bother with the strawberry though. It’s just strawberry yogurt with granola. Buying granola and strawberry yogurt separate would probably be cheaper. But seriously, this one really does taste like key lime pie!

Then we attempted to make our own version of the “crazy noodles” we had at the International Food Festival last week. Here’s better look at it from Daniel’s plate that night. They’re the noodles in the top right corner.

crazy noodles

Sorry I don’t have the website where we found a recipe, but we didn’t really follow it that much so it’s kind of our own creation. In it was chicken, tofu, bean sprouts, bell peppers, cabbage, fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, red curry paste, and peanuts! They’re also known as drunken noodles so you can look that up too if you’re interested in a recipe. It turned out delicious! We’ll definitely be making this again.

Thai Crazy Noodles


So I’ve been eating pretty good as you can see! Oh wait, I almost forgot about the pizza. Saturday night Daniel and I were lazy so we hit up AJ’s Pizzeria. We went with the Manhattan Magherita:

Manhattan Margherita Pizza


It’s topped with tomato, basil, mozzarella, and maybe onion or garlic? I can’t remember the last ingredient, but it was so tasty. We ate that entire pizza. Well, I did take my last slice home, but I finished it off later during Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (still educating him on HP).

Alright, now time for Dexter! 😀

Question: Met anybody interesting on a plane flight lately?