It’s a New Blog!

Ok, it’s not a new blog. But it is a new location. As in, I’ve switched over to the self-hosted world! So, hopefully I don’t lose all of my wonderful followers. WordPress is very vague on how my followers from can view my new site. But, if you’re reading this and want to continue to follow me, just to be safe, click my new follow button on the right side of the screen under the search bar. You can follow in your favorite reader or by email! Fresh new posts delivered to your inbox. What’s not to love?

Alrighty, now for the fun stuff. I owe you all an update because it has passed my deadline of my last goal by 11 days! Whoops! So, back in August I made a new goal to lose 10 more pounds by Halloween in about 10 weeks to get me down to 120 lbs. Well ladies and gents, I’m only at 124.6 lbs. However, I’ve at least finally reached my original goal I made: to lose 10 lbs from 135 to 125. It has been a slower process than I was expecting, but my weight hasn’t been jumping around so I’d say that it’s a solid steady weight loss. That’s a little over 0.5lb/week weight loss. I was initially wanting 1.5lb/week, but I’ll take what I can get.

I’ve never been one to really limit myself to indulgences, which I think partly contributes to my slow weight loss. I have been reducing the amount of sweets I eat but I still allow a piece or two of dark chocolate Toblerone when I’m craving it. It keeps my bigger cravings in check. I also have been slacking when it comes to working out, especially this past month. The good news is: I finally went running! Daniel and I ran two miles around the park. It wasn’t too bad, probably could have gone a third mile, but we decided to take it easy. My legs were surprisingly sore the next day! They haven’t been worked in a while, poor things. I’m hoping to get back into a regular workout routine. Ok “back into” may be stretching it, I’ve never had a regular workout routine! HA! But I’m hoping to start one!

P90x will happen I hope. We just need to return our pull up bar for something that works in our apartment (our doors are too wide!). But for now, running is definitely something I want to start doing again. I want to build back up that endurance!

Update on the new shoes: they are great! Very comfortable, but I’ve decided I do need my inserts. I could tell my feet were rolling in some. But man, I was lookin’ fly! Check out my annoyingly matchy running outfit:

running gear1

As I mentioned the other day, I bought a tank top with my shoes because they matched and new workout gear always gets me motivated. Well, while my best friend, Charissa, was in town, she decided to give me an early Christmas present: matching shorts (thanks girl!!). They actually match almost perfectly to my new shoes that I’d swear Brooks made them! But it’s actually the brand MPG. They are SO comfortable! Also, note that the head band matches my ensemble as well. No shame.

After running on Saturday, Daniel and I had tickets to the International Food Festival put on by the International Coordinating Council at K-State. The food is always AMAZING and this year did not disappoint.

international food 1

I wish I could tell you what all of this is but I was too excited to eat it to thoroughly read what and where it came from. From what I can remember there was food from Thailand, China, Spain, Nepal, and Mexico. I wish I could remember the rest but I can attest that everything was delicious! The left cup is full of soup from Mexico with beef and beans, and the right cup has Thai iced tea. It’s black tea and spices with milk–one of my fave teas! It’s up there with Chai. Chai and Thai for the win!

After dinner I spent one last time with Charissa in Aggieville (the bar district). Here’s a photo from the photographer who documents the happenings in the Ville. Left to right: Me, Charissa, Charissa’s hubby Jake!

party in the ville

It was a fun night but unfortunately they couldn’t stay out too late because they had a 12 hour drive back to NM the next day. But Charissa and I also went out on Friday night so that made up for it. We attempted to get several photos with both Jake AND Daniel operating the camera, and only one turned out good! Haha.


At least we have the memories! Definitely glad I got to spend a week with her! We may or may not have eaten shamelessly at our favorite restaurants while she was here. Some meals included veggies, so I’d say that’s a win.

I really need to be on here more often. I’ve noticed that without blogging everyday, I feel less accountable and more inclined to eat what I want and not workout. I need you back in my life, blogosphere! So you’ll be seeing me around a lot more again =) I know, I’m excited too! Goodnight!

New Motivation

I’m getting back in the groove of things — kinda.  I feel like I’ve been losing sight of my goals and making poor decisions in the moment.  I’m weak! I give in sometimes. But when I do, I always try to make up for it by doing better the next day, whether it be consuming less calories or actually doing the exercise that I was suppose to do.  Lately, my weight seemed to be going up instead of back down from eating too much and not working out this past week. However, I’m back down to my 129 weight I was a couple weeks ago.  I feel like that’s TWO WEEKS wasted.  I have barely 8 weeks left to reach my 120 lb goal.  I’m going to have to step up my game!

Monday meals:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Cereal 110
Almond milk 30
Snack Fiber One bar 90
Lunch Left over Roasted Chicken Cashew 180
Dinner Salad bar 250
Sushi (3 pieces) 145
2nd Dinner Fish Tacos (2) 400
Snack 2 slices of toast with butter 120
Total 1325

My meals don’t look too bad from yesterday. I did go over a little bit but I also ran 3.5 miles!

Just to give you a little food porn to drool over — check out the sushi I had Daniel get us from the grocery store:


It was delicious. All I can tell you is that there was salmon in it.  Gotta get those Omegas!

So, to hopefully get in the habit of working out more I bought myself some motivation: New running shoes!


They’re the Brooks Adrenaline. They’re so comfortable!  I had the Brooks Ravenna before, which are also good, but the support had worn down over the 1+ year I’ve been running in them so it was time for something new.  New workout attire always gets me motivated.

Daniel decided to retire his Vibrams (from our runs at least) and got himself some new shoes too!

Brooks 2X

I like how bright they are so I’ll always know where he is. They are also Brooks.  He claims they’re the most comfortable shoe his ever worn.

Hopefully we can get some more miles in this week with our new kicks!

Have you gotten something new this week? Or found new motivation?