The End Of Summer

I’m back! I disappeared yesterday to go with Daniel to his uncle’s lake house again. We spent time with his cousins Cade and Sabra and their friends. We left friday night to enjoy an evening of playing Monopoly with them. I luckily wasn’t the first one out of the game haha. Then we woke up early the next morning to get out on the lake while it was still calm. We had a wakeboard and water skis. Daniel tried both but he was only able to get up on the skis. He did good!

water skiing

We’re on a boat!


Here’s me and my new friend, Cindy, paddle boating.

paddle boating

It was beautiful out that morning. After some water activities we were all starving so we went for brunch at a local cafe. I had a pancake loaded with butterscotch morsels and walnuts. Best idea ever.

the best pancake ever

Here’s Friday’s meals:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast cereal 100
almond milk 90
Lunch salad 150
Snack green tea smoothie 132
nutella banana ice cream 140
Dinner almond crusted swai 424
Salad 150
Total 1186

And Saturday’s meals:

Meal Food Calories
Brunch Butterscotch Walnut Pancake with syrup 360
Loaded hashbrowns 70
Snack Oreos 355
Peanut butter cookies 220
Dinner Cheeseburger 290
Cheetos 150
Chips and salsa 140
Total 1585

Now for my Weekly Wrap-Up

Weekly Wrap-Up

My average calories this week is less but still not consistent with my target. Hopefully I can keep them under control now that school is starting tomorrow. Can you believe it? Summer is over and I’m now a grad student. I miss summer already! Hopefully this first semester isn’t too brutal.

Anybody else enjoying summer out there or wish they still were? What’s your favorite summer activity?

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