Oh wow. I did not do well with my calories yesterday. Let’s take a gander:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Corn Flakes 100
Almond milk 30
Snack Fiber One Bar 90
A handful of peanuts 50
Drink Dirty Chai latte (chai with espresso) 250
Lunch Turkey Sandwich with spinach and laughing cow cheese 150
Snack Jelly beans 150
Dinner Almond Crusted Swai 395
Rice 80
Drinks Mixed drinks, beer 200
Drunk Snack Mac N Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich WITH bacon aka THE SANDWICH 400
Total 1895

I realize that I consume a lot of things that I don’t need.  Take the dirty chai latte, for example.  I mean, I was a little tired, but I didn’t really need to have it.  I almost equate lattes to sodas.  They’re empty calories.  Milk in a latte is a little more substantial than soda, but not much.  I just love lattes!  It’s not even that I need caffeine either. Sometimes just having something tasty to drink wakes me up.  However, I could try to drink them less.

I also obviously didn’t need all the alcoholic drinks either.  But, it was the weekend and I hadn’t hung out with my friend Corey in a couple weeks.  She’s always a blast!  It was a nice stress reliever going out on the town with her.

So this “Sandwich” that I have listed — there’s a story behind it. A year ago, Aggieville (the downtown shopping/bar district) put on a Chili Crawl.  The restaurants and bars there let you sample their versions of chili and offer cheap 7oz beers.  Corey invited me along for chili consumption, and then we were going to stay out for a fun night. Well after all the chili I decided I needed to have a nap in order to last the whole night so I went home for a couple hours.  Later when I came back out, Corey had been drinking the whole time.  She was pretty much gone. I’m not sure she even really knew I was there, haha! But I ushered her around the bars with me. Well, we got hungry.  And the donut shop had recently opened up a food truck behind it, so we decided to check it out.  They have donuts, corn dogs, and this SANDWICH.  I mean, it just sounds heavenly: Mac n’ Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich. And for an extra $1 you can add bacon (so of course we added bacon).  It’s the most fabulous thing you will ever taste.  We’ve dubbed it THE SANDWICH because it’s the only thing Corey remembered that night, haha! You know it’s good when that’s the only thing you recall from a night of partying.


The picture obviously doesn’t do it justice because you can’t see the mac n’ cheese or bacon in it. Photo fail. But I had every last satisfactory bite of it.

Here’s a little more of our night.  We’re about to take Belfast Bombs which is Guinness and Bailey’s. I’m not sure what Daniel is doing with his lips.  I ended up not being able to finish mine because it curdled. I can’t chug!

belfast bombs

Me, Daniel, Corey

And then we ran into our friend Knox, who started his own business, Aggieville Adventures, where he documents the shenanigans that go down in Aggieville.  He’s in the blue and our other friend Shaun was there too.

1274701_767771539905316_1615059444_o 1267230_767771523238651_1833863836_o

It was a fun night!

In the midst of all my bad decisions, I did have a few healthy things yesterday. Like the Almond Crusted Swai. It’s one of our favorites!  We didn’t add parmesan cheese this time so it was a little healthier.

almond crusted swai

Workout Recap

This doesn’t really balance out with everything I ate yesterday but I ran 4.6 miles! And I did some speed work on the last mile.  It felt good!  The weather was amazing for it. I went around 6pm and it was breezy and in the 70s so I didn’t get too hot.

So my Friday was pretty good. How was yours?!

Now, I’m finally gonna get a jump on all those things I said I would get done this weekend. And of course, I gotta watch the K-State game today!  Enjoy your saturday!

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