These Are My Confessions

I really am a terrible blogger. I come back temporarily and then leave again. Life happens. And sickness =( *cough cough*

I finished the Vegan Challenge but not without a few cheat days. I hope to post the rest of it soon. It went well but I didn’t lose much weight and to be honest, I wasn’t very consistent with the workouts. I want to redo it but maybe not go as extreme as vegan. That’s what made me want to binge and have cheat days. I think actually incorporating a cheat day into the plan once a week would keep me from binging when I do deviate from the plan.

But I really enjoyed making the plan and picking the meals and workouts! It was fun and definitely would deliver results if I had followed it to a T. I am loving my vegan cookbooks especially. Who knew there were so many healthy options out there other than just a salad?! I have explored some really good alternatives. And desserts! Ok, that Vegan Cookie Dough is seductive. Yep, seductive. It’s sooo good (yeah, recipe still to come, my bad!)! But just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy–hello sugar!! I may have ate it a time or two more than I should have. So this time around I’m going to incorporate desserts less, but add them enough that I don’t binge on cookie dough, and allow for cheat days before I go crazy. If you’re already vegan, you’re my hero!

So, as I finish up posting the challenge I’ll also be attempting to do it again. I don’t think I’ll repost each day, just update the old ones with my new changes. I’ll definitely be posting how it goes but to see all my eats/workouts it will be in all of the vegan challenge posts. I’ll make a tab along the top for it so they’ll be easy to find.

Just to clarify, when I had cheat days, it wasn’t meat. I was able to at least stay vegetarian, but I could not resist dairy! Cheese, ice cream, donuts. So desserts sound like the main thing I need to solve (which has always been my problem anyways). I’m cursed with a sweet tooth!

Now that I’m off the vegan challenge, I have consumed an incredible amount of dairy. Ice cream, string cheese, lots of lazy meals melting cheese on a tortilla in quesadilla fashion, feta on my salads (which is a must), and the list goes on. In face, I’m eating my second string cheese of the day. I have a problem. Sure, string cheese is a good source of protein, but I really shouldn’t be consuming it as much as I am.

So that brings me to my NEW GOALS! Cut back on dairy for sure. I don’t think I’ll completely eliminate it, but I plan to reduce my intake. No more string cheese. Ice cream only on the occasion. Feta on my salad. No more quesadillas *sigh*. Next, I plan to workout at least 3 times a week. I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 1 and I feel strong enough that I may move on to Level 2 soon. By the way, I got Daniel to do it with me today! He had a meeting he had to leave for so he only did half of it but I think he was surprised at how out of shape he is. He has agreed to try to workout with me regularly again. Now that the weather is starting to warm we plan to run again. I’d like to run 3 days a week, and strength train 2-3 days a week.

So that’s what’s up.

ALSO. It was my birthday. In February. On the 23rd day. And I turned 24. You know what this means?!? It means my “golden year” is over. If you don’t know what a golden birthday is, look it up. I accomplished quite a bit in that year! I finally started this blog, I lost over 10 pounds, I got accepted into grad school, I started grad school, I got a job as a grad assistant/intern, I have an awesome internship lined up for this summer, and I moved into a beautiful apartment with the best man in the world! Yeah, all you ladies be jealous. Check out my flowers!

Oh, and that’s my mug of tea. But you can’t tell because it’s brown inside the mug. It’s a coffee mug. With tea in it.

flowers and tea

But the flowers are beautiful! At first I thought Daniel bought me flowers as a surprise for riding my bike home *spoiler* he didn’t. Let me explain. So I’ve been wanting a new bike for some time. My bike is currently out of commission. I’ve had it fixed so many times, it’s just not worth it anymore. Plus it was a hand-me-down from my mom and I have no idea how long she had it before me. So the K-Mart in town is closing their doors and had 40% off their bikes! The selection was pretty picked over when I finally took the plunge and bought one, but I found a pretty Schwinn Mirada (I think that’s the name?) in good condition. It has a few scratches but for 40%, I won’t complain. Anyway, it didn’t fit in my car. And I didn’t want to subject Daniel to riding a small woman’s bike home (though I secretly wanted him to) so I offered to ride it home while he drove my car back. When I arrived back at the apartment, he was bearing flowers and a Cadbury Egg! Turns out, he bought them because just the day before I had let 4 of his friends stay at our tiny apartment for the “Fake Patty’s Day” celebration. It’s basically the biggest college party ever. It’s always held the weekend before Spring Break to make sure all of the college kids spend their money on green beer since the actual St. Patrick’s Day is during break. Clever folks. People wake up at 7am to drink and get a breakfast buffet at a bar! ….People like me… But, hey, it was good!

So that’s what the flowers were for.

And here’s a picture of my birthday celebration.

Rachel's 24th birthday celebration

I think it’s the only photo documenting the night. And it’s with two of my favorite people: Daniel and Corey! I also put fake lashes on myself for the very first time. It felt weird. But they stayed on the whole time so I’ll consider that a success! It was a fun night of dinner, drinking, and dancing!

So that’s what’s been happening with me. What’s been happening with you?!


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    • Thanks! It’s with a financial holding company for insurance. I’ll be doing business analysis! I’m really excited but still don’t know where I’ll live (it’s in Dallas). I leave right after finals. Soooo you’ll possibly be in China?!

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