I’ve decided to take up drinking green tea. Maybe not everyday, but fairly often. I’ve heard it has good health benefits such as antioxidants and reducing the risk of cancers and other chronic diseases. I’ve also heard it helps with weight loss but I’m not for sure if that has really been confirmed. It can’t hurt either way. They say to drink it as fresh as possible. I hope adding ice doesn’t affect the uptake of all those wonderful plant compounds! Iced is always better.

green tea

Before going on a run I needed a little fuel so I made a couple lettuce wraps.  I didn’t cut up any veggies for it but I did enjoy a little cheese on it.

lettuce wrap

Daniel and I went for a longer run yesterday – 4.5 miles! It felt great and we only walked probably a half mile of it. I then attempted to do 10 pushups. I couldn’t do more than that. I was tired!

For dinner we met up with friends at Wahoo Fire and Ice Grill. On wednesdays they have $2 shark tacos. They are delicious! I’ve never had shark before but it didn’t taste very fishy to me. Honestly, it was more like chicken. Maybe that’s just me.

shark tacococonut shrimp

The coconut shrimp also sounded good so I shared those with Daniel. Coconut shrimp is like dessert to me. I’d like to try to make these at home sometime. I have a baked coconut chicken recipe that might transfer well to shrimp so perhaps I’ll try that soon.

Here’s the rest of my meals:

Meal Food Calories
Breakfast Corn Flakes 100
Almond Milk 30
Green Tea 0
Lunch Lettuce wrap with ham and laughing cow cheese wedge 70
Fruit Smoothie 180
Dinner Shark tacos (one) 230
Coconut shrimp (3) 120
Drinks Martini milkshake (cake vodka & chocolate liquor w/ whip) 158
Sangria 97
Dessert Scone 250
Snack Cheddar & Sour Cream chips 160
Total 1395

After dinner we wandered in to our usual Bluestem Bistro and ordered some of their $1 pastries. I went with the chocolate chip scone. It was good but a little dry from being out all day.  Everyone else got the cinnamon roll and I must say that tasted a lot better than my scone.

chocolate chip scone

I know I didn’t need the scone, or those chips later. How can one pass up a $1 pastry though? All the other kids were doing it! I have plenty of healthy snacks that I should have eaten instead. My goal for this new day is to take advantage of the good food I have and not be tempted by sweets and snacks that are empty calories.

What’s your favorite healthy snack?

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