Wedding Season!

So I was at a wedding yesterday! Daniel’s friend David got married. It was a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful reception. They held it at the Loose Mansion in Kansas City. Talk about super swanky:

photo (16) Such a cute couple! Excuse the poor iphone photo quality

photo (12)Daniel and me enjoying the celebration

Here’s a quick update from friday’s meals:

Corn Flakes 100 cal
Almond milk 30 cal

5 Tomato Basil Wontons 161 cal
Salad Bar 250 cal

P1080082Mmm honey mustard dressing

1 Beef and  1 shrimp kabob  204 cal
1/2 cup of white rice  102 cal
raw veggies 25 cal
Ranch dip 104 cal
watermelon 20 cal


Fudge Brownie 227 cal

Popcorn (reduced butter & sodium) 1 cup 25 cal
2 sugar free chocolate chip cookies 100 cal

=1450 cal

I went over my calorie marker and only burned 180 cal from running 1.7 miles (up a hill). Not bad for enjoying another brownie and a couple sugar free cookies but I should start limiting myself more.  I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever. I could eat an entire sheet pan of brownies. No lie. Cheesecake is my best friend. I’m not obese but I should be by the way I crave things.

By the way, I have the recipe for those amazing tomato basil wontons. They are so easy to make and not all that bad for you! I made two batches to bring over to my mom’s for everyone to try. They didn’t last long! I’ll make a post later with all the details so stay tuned for that.

Ok, now for saturday’s meals.

Santa Barbara Wrap (a crepe made with fresh fruit and yogurt, and a side of muffin) 300 cal

photo (10)

It’s from this local restaurant, The Early Edition, that has mastered the artform that is breakfast.

Korean food (rice, pork, kimchi) 150 cal
Delicious korean cookie ???? cal

If you can decipher the wrapper, let me know

photo (11)

Cashews 80 cal
Honey roasted peanuts 100 cal

Strawberry Spinach Salad 80 cal
Pork (with 3 sauces: raspberry chipotle, sour cream/horseradish, apricot/horseradish) 100 cal
Mash potatoes and gravy 120 cal
Vegetable medley 50 cal
Roll 70 cal
Macaroni martini with little smokies, bread crumbs, and chives 200 cal

photo (13)photo (14)

Wedding cupcake! 200 cal

photo (15)Yeah that table of desserts looked heavenly

= 1450 cal

The key thing about enjoying food but keeping within your calorie intake range is to not eat everything on your plate. I’ve been trying to eat slower so that I can tell when I’m full and stop eating. So even though those plates look pretty full, I did not eat all of that. But I did eat an entire cupcake. It’s just law. Eat cake at wedding.

Well now that Daniel and I are back in town I finally have time to jump back on this blogging thing. I will try to be more consistent when I post, I’m still getting used to writing every day. I will also try to eat healthier now that I am back at my home where no desserts are around to tempt me.

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